Mrs. Bryer's Newsletter

September 24, 2012

Yellow Take Home Folders

The yellow folder that travels to school each day is the Daily folder. I check everyone's folder daily. Please take a few minutes to check your child's folder nightly. Take out the papers that are not needed.

The folder contains a calendar that is one way to communicate between school and home. You can write change of transportation notes as well as changes in routine that may effect the classroom. It is also a prompt for your child. Look through the papers in the folder. Ask your child about them. For example, the manila papers with pen writing all over them is teaching the children to get ready for bellwork writing. They came in all week, took care of their morning routine, and added getting their clipboard, pen, and paper. They learned to come to the carpet, write their name, and draw until everyone was ready. We practiced a few numbers and then learned to file it away. The lesson, simply learning the routine of getting and putting away supplies. The children will become independent, self sufficient students. They did very well!

Nuts and Bolts

  • We have plenty of class snack at this point thanks to generous parents. If those signed up for October would rather send in a large bottle of hand sanitizer, snack baggies, or microwave popcorn that would be wonderful. The children are doing well washing after sneezing and coughing and they prefer sanitizer over hand washing.
  • Our new class schedule is working much better. The children are understanding that if we transition quicker and have less interruptions that the time at the end of the day is theirs to be social. Some friends are spending this time finishing work because they are talking a lot at their tables. They will learn quickly, I hope, to work and talk at the same time.
  • Keeping our hands to ourselves is still an issue. Children are not hitting each other, please understand this. They are excessively touching hair, clothes, and body. It is bothersome to those they are touching and it has caused harm at times. Children are being pushed/ tripped when others are using their hands and feet inappropriately. This is especially a problem in lunch.
  • Children MUST touch only their food in the cafeteria. It is not a pleasant day when your food is being touched by others. Either you eat it because you are hungry enough (gross) or you don't and stay hungry.

Morning Assembly

The children are doing a great job at morning assembly. They remember where to sit, most participate in the song and dance, and they are respectful to our countries flag. Our class will have a chance to lead the pledges in March. I will send assignments out closer to our week. Please remind your child to greet the students at the gym door before entering. The job of greeter is very important. It allows every child to have a positive interaction before their school day begins. If you join us for assembly, please model for the students and greet them also.

If your child is having breakfast at school they need to get here early enough to eat before assembly. Remind them to go straight to the cafeteria to eat. If they tell me after assembly that they haven't eaten breakfast it is too late, the cafeteria is closed.

Early Dismissal

Wednesday is our first early dismissal day. We will dismiss at 12:45. Our lunch time and CAMP time will be adjusted. We will have CAMP from 10:30-11:10 and eat lunch at 11:16. We will be eating in our room. If there is a brave soul that would like to come eat with us in the classroom that would be very helpful. I would love to escort those eating a hot lunch to the lunchroom while leaving the packers in the room. We are on a tight schedule that day to get all classes through and we have only minutes between coming out of CAMP and being in line for lunch. Email me if you are interested in hanging out with us.

Fun Friday

Friday we talked more about our senses. I like to do this throughout the year because that is how real scientists explore their world. We compared 4 white substances (powdered sugar, flour, salt, sugar). We used our sense of sight, smell, touch, and taste to compare. The children were able to collectively give great words to describe what they were experiencing. During this activity we also used the magnifying glasses for the first time. The children picked up quickly how to use them. The magnifying glass is one of the tools children are expected to become familiar with in kindergarten.

The children also made a "Touch" chart. I was impressed with how well they were able to follow directions. They are really learning to ask for assistance at their table in reminding them of the steps as well as looking around at what others are doing to remind them. They are not allowed to look and copy. They are, however, aloud to use the visual cues around them to assist them with directions. Using your environment is a great skill at any age!

Parent Conferences

Parent conferences are scheduled for Monday, October 8th. I have sent reminders home as well as requests from parents that have not signed up yet. I am required to meet with everyone. If you know you are not going to be able to make the time we have scheduled, please let me know as soon as possible so we can reschedule. If you have not scheduled your conference yet please contact me to set up a meeting.

Motor Lab

Motor lab began Monday. The children are excited to go and are learning the routine quickly. In the lab children are focusing on their gross and fine motor skills. Talk to your child about what they do in the lab each day. Children leave for 15 minutes to work in the Motor Lab with Mrs. Pidillia. Children are expected to follow directions and do their best. Children are unable to participate if they do not have safe shoes. Please remember to dress your child is tennis shoes daily so they are able to participate in motor lab and P.E.


We have worked hard during these first few weeks of school on expectations and routines as well as academics. The following is a list of skills your child should have after our work in class. If your child is still struggling with these skills, please help reinforce at home so that they do not fall behind.

- counting out loud to 20

- identifying numbers 0-5

- identifying shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle)

- identify the letters in their name in isolation

- write their name correctly

- cut with scissors (open and close the scissors with one hand, thumb on top)

Family Time

If you have not already set your routines at home for this school year I have a few suggestions.

  • When asking your child about their day, ask specifics. Who did you play with at recess? What did you do in the motor lab? What was the story read after recess? When you ask about the "day" there is too many things swirling around in their head to pin point a focus for the day.
  • Make the bedtime routine as consistent as possible. Be sure to include a book or make up an elaborate story. If the hustle and bustle is too much with multiple kids at bedtime consider reading after dinner. The time with your child sitting in your lap is priceless. My 9 year old would love to be able to still sit in my lap and read if he would fit! Instead we lay in his bed and read nightly.
  • Try to make the morning routine as consistent as possible as well. If your child is eating breakfast at school please drop them in time to eat before assembly. If your child rides the bus remind them to go to the cafeteria before morning assembly.
  • Plan to have your child attend morning assembly if possible. It begins at 7:50 with a school wide dance., announcements, social lesson, and pledges. It is a great way to start the day together.