Sell delicious bake goods

Buy your best pastrys

Why did I choose this career?

I choose this career because at bakery's you can sell baked goods and cook baked goods and everyone loves baked goods

Baked Goods

What does a person with this job do?

This is what a person does

A person with this job mix and make ingredients to produce breads, rolls, cookies, pies, cakes, pastries or other baked goods.


This job is for having a high school diploma

How much money would you make?

The average salary for all bakers is about $11.50 per hour.

How many of these jobs are there?

There are about 30,905 bakery's in the U.S.

What is the future?

I think this job will be more popular because almost everybody loves baked goods and loves to eat them.

What jobs are similar?

The jobs that are similar to this job are being a pastry chef and pastry arts