Nigerian Pygmy Goats

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Pygmy Goats

The breed originated in the French Cameroon area. This breed of goats then spread to all of Northern Africa. These goats dont produce any milk of a decent quality, but they are kept are fun and playful pets.

The average goat is determined to live about 8-12 years (10). This all depends on the health and breed of the goat.

Goats As Pets

Goats are meant to be on a farm with other animals (because they are herd animals, so there needs to be more than one goat on the land). Most people have goats as pets. Those people love goats because they are playful, funny and hard to stay away from!

FAQ's about Goats

Q: How much space do Nigerian Goats require?

A: They deserve up to 1/3-1/4 amount of space and feed of a standard size goat.

Q: What do I need to feed my Nigerian Goat?

A: It all depends on the breed. Mostly hay and grain though.

Buttermilk "plays" with her "friends"

Breeds of Livestock - Nigherian Dwarf Goat

(Link above) The average weight of a Nigerian Pygmy Goat is around 75 pounds. The Nigerian Dwarf and the Pygmy goats are similar in features and attributes. Nigerian Dwarf goats are heavy boned; that's the way they're bred. Nigerian Dwarf Goats' markings are normally spotted, but some can beone solid color. With goats, at a very young age, can have their horns burned or pulled out; the goat doesnt even feel it. If the window of opportunity is passed, the harns cannot be removed and can grow on male and females to full length.