toilet bidets

toilet bidets

What are toilet bidets you ask? Well let me tell you!

A toilet, bidet is a French invention that was invented in the late 17th century. The word bidet actually means pony in French which is given because if the fact you “ride” the bidet. The bidet was a fixture in many rich French families’ homes, which is why it is seen as a type of luxury. Not only is it much more sanitizing its cost effect as well. You will be removing your carbon footprint in a matter of time. Think of how much paper towel waste you’re saving and not to mention how much money you’re saving on not buying toilet paper. Just because a bidet isn’t common in America doesn’t make the bidet unpopular.The bidet can be found in countries all over the world, countries including; Italy, Spain, Albania, Hungary, Morocco, Japan, Uruguay, and many others. Bidets are popular in all corners of the planet and are just now making its way into the U.S. Be the first of your friends to experience the healthy and cost effective benefits it offers. Be one of the first to take a Bath Trends USA bidet home with you from one of our many locations in Florida. If you’re from elsewhere in the United States, than we can ship that to you at no cost if you take advantage of our no shipping charge. If you’re from Alaska or Hawaii then you can email them at with your zip code and the choice of toilet, bidet so they can give you an accurate shipping cost.

So now you want to find a toilet, bidet for sale? Let me show you where to go!

At you can find a toilet, bidet for sale. Every toilet, bidet you find will be advertised at an exceptional sale price. Don’t wait any longer to complete your bathroom project with a high quality ceramic AO EAGO 3320 modern bathroom bidet. It comes with a fully glazed finish that is complete inside and out, waxed with high quality polish. The bidets range in pricing depending on the style you choose plus a 3 year parts warranty. Bath Trends only offers you the highest quality products at a discount price which is why I continue to go back to them every time. If you choose Bath Trends than you will not be let down, they have been serving the Florida area for 8 years now. Bath Trends have acquired a good reputation for quality products, and stop at nothing to please their customers. Not only do they ship all over the United States, but to Canada for an additional fee as well. You cannot go wrong when choosing Bath Trends USA every time you are looking for a toilet bidet. Not only do they offer the EAGO but they also have the AQUA Décor 906 modern bathroom bidet for the same price. Also offered in white with a full glaze the AQUA décor comes with a 1 year parts warranty. It has the bidet faucet and the installation hardware included as well as the EAGO. Do not look anywhere else if you are looking for a toilet bidet for sale!

Search for toilet bidets online at Bath Trends USA now!

Don’t miss out on the great deals that we have to offer and go to for toilet bidets online!We have a full line of different styles and brands to choose from. Not only will you be getting the bidet, you will also be getting the hardware that comes with it. We guarantee every item we ship will be high quality products. Check on our website to see if you qualify for free shipping as well! If you are someone who lives in one of the 48 states that we offer free shipping, then you are in luck! That fact alone should give you more motivation to go ahead and make a purchase today. You will find yourself saving a lot of money not only based off of shipping, but because some of our products are tax free. We enjoy providing excellent services to our loyal customers and that is why we offer so many different things. The shopping experience that we provide to you will be one of the best shopping experiences that you have ever had. We care about your opinions and we make that known, especially since we encourage our past customers to write reviews on our products and services on Google! We value the feedback that we receive and read online from our customers. We take into great consideration what you have to say because we strive to keep you happy. Save money and look at our website so that you can start shopping for toilet bidets online!

Shop for modern toilet bidets at Bath Trends USA, so that you can get the best deal!

If you want to get the best price for modern toilet bidetsthen visit us at Bath Trends USA, you will be impressed with the selection and value you’ll get. As you will see, we sell a modern bathroom bidet for $100 off its original price! That’s right; I said that you will save $100 off its original price just by purchasing the product from us. If you have any questions regarding this product or Bath Trends USA then you should call (305) 471-7755. If you would like to make a purchase over the phone, then you can call this number as well! If you are someone who doesn’t do well with communicating over the phone then don’t worry! We have the perfect solution for you, and that is to chat online with one of our representatives. You are able to chat online Monday to Fridays at 8:30am – 5:00pm and if you are not available during those times then you can just leave a message. Most of our toilet bidets include Bidet Faucet and standard hardware for installation. What is really nice about our toilet bidets is that they have high quality polish resistant from stains. This way, it is really easy to maintain our bidets and makes them easier to keep clean. Make life easier on yourself and save time and money by purchasing a modern toilet bidet for your bathroom.

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