Benefits of Running

BY Kale Grossman

Physical Health Benefits

    • Help to build strong bones.
    • Strengthen muscles.
    • Improve cardiovascular fitness.
    • Help maintain a healthy weight.

Mental Health benefits

1.Boost ¨Happy chemicals¨

2.Boost mental performance

3.Improve memory

4.Become more productive

Intellectual Benefits

  • less tension, stress and mental fatigue
  • Improved sleep
  • A natural energy boost
  • less anger or frustration

Social Health Benefits Benefits

  • expand your social circle.
  • learn new techniques from others.
  • Friends help encourage to stay active.
  • consistency, keeps you talking with other runners.

Summary of Benefits of activity

As a generation we can advocate ourselves to make a change. Maybe instead of playing a quick game of madden we could go outside and play football with are friends. I am not saying that we need to not play video games, what I am saying is let's live life a Healthier life by being a bit more active. We can live life with less disease and stress just by going for a short walk/jog each day.