Old Lady Seeks Revenge

Sweet Shop Owner Mrs Pratchett searching for the Boy.

  • Yesterday at Approxamatly 3:00pm, A group of young boys including Rohld Dahl walked of to Mrs Pratchetts Sweet shop Located around the corner from their school were they were acused of murder. The young boys would stop by to The Sweet Shop everday which made it more suspisious to if they were the boys who frightened the old woman. Mrs Pratchett was in the corner shop one afternoon and was frightened by a mouse that was hidden in a jar of gobstoppers. She put her hand in the jar and jumped as she felt the long hairy mouse planted in the middle of the jar. The young boys walked down to the corner shop and seen the mouse lying on the floor with gobstoppers everywere and Mrs Pratchett no were to be seen. If you see these Young boys anywere, please contact Mrs Pratchett as she realy wants for these boys to get some revenge.