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What's new in our community?

Celebrations - An amazing performance AND fun run success!

China - Taking Our Show On the Road!

I'm sure most of you know by this point, as the kids have been beyond excited about helping me with my upcoming project, that a research firm in China has invited our school to participate in a global conference this Summer! I will be traveling to Beijing and Shanghai this summer to teach for a week in each city. They are very curious to know more about how we are using technology to develop balanced learners that are prepared for our future of "unknown". They have replicated my classroom from the tables, chairs, magnets, books, to the iPads, headphones, computers, and promethean board! I am beyond excited/scared for this adventure but thrilled that the learning we are doing in our classroom community will be something the teachers and students will also benefit from, and vice versa!

Special Global Visitor

Dr. Lang came to talk to my class about the conference, our class project, and possibly how we can collaborate with students in China to help them have a better awareness of "going green".

New Favorite TECH Find!

Great clip of this science group analyzing the data from their google form quiz about the Floating Train article!

Be sure to check out our new Science TechBook for review videos and study tools!!

iRock Video - Check it out!

Classroom NEEDS your HELP!!

We are planning to record our GREEN movie Tuesday, May 21st. If your child is asking for random items (green rugs, spotlights, microphones, sunglasses, fog machine, green shirts, etc.) please believe's for a good reason! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email!

V.I.D's - We're in the homestretch....

Friday, May 17th - Fun Run Celebration

Tuesday, May 21st - Green Movie Filming in Progress

Thursday, May 23rd - Art Show

Wednesday, May 29th - Single Gender forms due

Monday, June 3rd - Field Day!

Wednesday, June 5th - PASS Party!

Thursday & Friday, June 6 & 7 - Last/Half Days :(