African Wild Dog

Save These Fierce Animals Today!

Interesting facts

- African wild dogs live in dens that are abandoned by other animals.
- They run at about 30 miles per hour

Working hard to save their young

There are only 6,600 dogs left, help save them and there will be not only dogs in Africa, but all over the world. Their biggest enime are humans because they are hunting for food, so humans kill it. As people say children are the future, and for African wild dogs they want their children to live in the future too. African wild dogs not only have humans as their enime ,but also have lions and spotted hyenas to worry about. Spotted hyenas follow African wild dogs to appropriate their kills,and very rarely will a spotted hyena be killed by a African wild dog. Some mother African wild dogs die for their young because all they want is for their children to live in the future. Would you like it if your child was killed by a human? Help make a difference today and save those dogs!

African wild dog life

Guarnteed to work