Team K.A.L.E. News & WooHoos!

What a FABULOUS February!

A note from me to you...

Hello Ladies!

What a great start to the new year! January was such a fantastic month and February is shaped up to be just as amazing!!

I know that some of you are sitting with empty calendars and just know it doesn't have to be that way. Go back to the basics (like when you first joined) and get out your list of 62. Pick up (that hundred pound) phone and call some of your past hostesses. Some of your closest friends. People who have said they might host but maybe you haven't followed up with. Make it your challenge to talk to THREE new people EACH week this month about Partying with YOU. Remember, YOU have something to offer them. They aren't doing you a favor - you are giving them something FABULOUS! Then have THREE different conversations each week with ladies about the opportunity. There are women everywhere who would love what we have to offer! Don't let them down by not sharing it with them!

The new JK by Thirty-One will be available mid-March so please make sure your calendars are booked so you can add these beautiful pieces to your collection and share them at every party!!! Keep up the great work and Party, Party, Party!!!!! Let me know if there is anything that I can help you with, I'm always here for you along the way!


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February Consultant Spotlight!

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Sara Phillips - Joined Thirty-One February 28, 2014

Her Why: My fiance and I are trying to become financially free from debt. Thirty-One is helping us achieve our goals like we never imagined.

Her greatest accomplishment with Thirty-One (so far) is sharing the opportunity with my friend, Amber. It is a great feeling seeing how much Thirty-One has blessed her. I am in awe of how this company takes care of its consultants.

What Thirty-One has done for her: Thirty-One has strengthened old relationships and made new, beautiful ones. Thirty-One has helped Elliott and me reach financial goals we hadn't thought would be possible. Thirty-One has given me beautiful ways to organize my home! I have been so so so blessed.

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Jennifer Hand (February 1st)

Amanda Merritt (February 1st)

Autumn Cline (February 22nd)

Erica Gierlach (February 27th)

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Heather Carroll

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Amanda Adams - earned levels 1, 2, and 3

Emily Bass - Earned levels 1 and 2

Heather Carroll - earned levels 1 and 2

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Lindsey Lawhon - 2 recruits

Kristin Anderson - 1 recruit

Catie Kale - 1 recruit

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Lindsey Lawhon - $2,175

Catie Kale - $1,918

Heather Carroll - $1,241

Amber Travis - $940.50

Colleen Trusdle - $708

Brittney Bame - $707.50

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Lindsey Lawhon - $1,482.50!!!

Heather Carroll - $1,030.00!!!

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Important Dates!

February 1st - March 15th

February/March Specials - Spend $35 and get a Purse for 50% off!

Through March 15th

Start Something New Recruiting Incentive

March 3rd - April 15th

Conference Eary Bird Registration begins for $99!

March 9th

Team Dinner OUT - going to Dos Amigos for some good FUN!

April 18th-25th

Welcome to the Party Field Event

(Locally ours will be Tuesday April 21)

May 2nd

LINEAGE RETREAT! Hickory, NC - Only $31 to attend and SO much great training, fellowship, and sisterhood! You won't want to miss it!

June 13th

June Product Premiere (location TBA)

SO many reasons to CELEBRATE!!!

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I wanna be able to celebrate ALL that is fun in your life! This is a new section - so send me things that you are EXCITED about and I will post them here!

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Bianca Santos - February 27th

Colleen Trusdle - March 7th

Beulah "Ditti" Morefield - March 7th

Robyn McColl - March 7th

Jennifer Hand - March 14th

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Sara Phillips - February 28, 2014

Bianca Santos - March 6, 2013

Carolyn Zimmerman - March 9, 2014

Lindsey Lawhon - March 11, 2013

Lorie Fox - March 12, 2014

Ashley Vuncannon - March 13, 2014

Contact Catie!

I am here to answer any question you have and walk you through this fabulous journey. For your highs and for your lows... I am here if you need me. Call/Text/Facebook/Email whatever is best. Just because you're in business FOR yourself doesn't mean you're ever BY yourself.