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Jamie Wojtowicz Kingsley, Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES

*Literacy and ELA 6-12, Issue 2*

A Little About Me...

Hello and Welcome Back!

The first issue of this newsletter referenced an idea for a "COVID-19 Time Capsule" unit. That idea elicited many questions, but the one I received the most was: "How much guidance should I provide as a teacher? Should this serve as a "fun" project or should I use it as an opportunity to create standards-based lessons?"

My piece of advice? It depends on your purpose and goal(s). Do you want students to use this as a springboard for documenting Covid-19 life, but without a lot of expectations attached? Or do you want to use as an incentive for participation in virtual office hours and meetings? For example, you might run a friendly "Best Photo of the Week" contest. Students can submit photos that capture their week/experience and everyone can anonymously vote during the meetings!

Perhaps you want to have it all: a balance of focused, standards-based lessons and direct instruction, as well as some open-ended activities meant to help students bond.

Included in this issue is a mini-unit idea for creating reading lessons for middle school students (and maybe high school students, with adaptations) centered on articles about COVID-19. The mini-unit is broken into two focuses: reading like a journalist (the focus of THIS issue) and writing like a journalist (the focus of the next issue).

As always, please feel free to email me with any ideas, questions, or feedback! I also created an anonymous survey at the bottom of this issue!



"Reading Like a Journalist" Mini-Unit Suggested Resources

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Featured Resource: Letter to Me Website

This resource allows kids to write themselves a letter & then have it emailed back 5 years from now. DISCLAIMER: Be sure to get school and parent permission FIRST! Not approved? Keep the letters on a shared drive until students are seniors!

ELA Standards Connection

Suggested ELA Standards for this mini-unit: R1, R2, R4, R5, R9, L4, W2

(Note-these are the anchor standards, not grade-level specific standards. Be sure to visit the NYS Department of Education website to reference your specific grade-level standard here).

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