Hydroelectric Power!!!

You need some water?!?!?

How Hydroelectric power work?

Hydroelectric works by water and the water is being held and the force of the water is released through dam spin the blade of a giant turbine.

Were in the US Hydroelectric is used?

Hydroelectric is used to turn on electricity by using water,turbine and other stuff.

How much Hydroelectric is produced in the US?

it produced 7% of the total energy production.

What is the advantage to using Hydroelectric?

The advantage is that it is fuel by water so its a clean source so it wont pollute the air.

The disavantage of Hydroelectric?

It will cost a lot of money.

it is destroying natural habitat for animals.

Most be build for high standard.

Fun facts

1)It is one of oldest power sources

2)It cost less then most power sources

3)it the most common sources

4)Hydroelectric can produced electricity to give 28.3 million people

5)The first hydroelectric was plant in September 30,1882