The Federalist Party

One Government, One Purpose

The Big Issues

  • strong federal government
  • emphasis on manufacturing and trade
  • want implied powers
  • National Bank
  • protective tariffs

Our Platform

We want the federal government to to be a strong and stable power. We support the manufacturing and shipping trades all the way. The constitution was made as a guideline for the government and implied powers should be used to help the government do its jobs. We need a national bank so that we can save our economy. Protective tariffs will help our industry and keep jobs in America.

Without implied powers, the government would be as useful as Jefferson's noggin!

Not Sure About Joining? Read no Further!

Hey guys, are you sick and tired of a lame small government? Me too! That is why you should join the Federalist Party. We will make the central government strong and you will not be disappointed. Our government can actually provide you with protection from other countries. I am sure that you will not regret joining our party.

If you are looking for a government that will last forever then look no further. Our version won’t disintegrate after 2 terms like the Democratic-Republicans’ will. If you want to save our honest American trade from foreign competition than vote for us! Our protective tariffs will help us all. The national bank has already improved our economy alot. Vote Federalist next election!