Travel to the Nile

Aswan high dam,Assiut Barrage,

Aswan high dam

This place is really beautiful. So it is all right to just stare in to the Aswan high dam for a long time and appreciated the beauty it has giving to the Nile river. There will be Palm tree's sprouting out of the tall grass that is normal near the Nile river. The Nile river water helps the plants grow big and strong. I know that because I have friends that live over in Egypt and they say the water is really good so I guess that means it is good for the plants.

Assiut Barrage dam

The Assiut Barrage is a dam on the Nile river in the city of Assiut up north of Egypt. It was made by British engineer William Willcock. The Assiut dam was made in 1898 and 1903.The dam was estimated to cost £525,000 but when it finished it actually cost £870,000. The reason they build it was to keep the land from flooding over and over again. You should visit this place because it is really beautiful with the palm trees and busy people every where clicking there camera's to remember this amazing moment they saw.

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