The Middle Colonies

By Mason Cottle


Founded in 1638 by Peter Minuit, because it was a proprietary colony. It had no established religion. It's main economic practice involved subsistence farming. The original population of Delaware was only 185 people, and in ten years that grew to 540 people. The only Indian tribe was the Lenape tribe.

New York

New York was a proprietary colony founded in 1664 by the Duke of York. It had no established religion, a mixed economy, and an initial population of 350, which grew to 1930 in ten years. Some native tribes were Iroquois, Montauk, and Erie.

New Jersey

Founded in 1664 by Lord Berkeley as a proprietary colony. There was no main religion and had an economy focused mainly on grain. the Indian tribe in New Jersey was Lenape. It had a starting population of 1000 and in ten years had 3400.


Founded in 1682 by William Penn under a proprietary charter. It's cash crop was wheat, and there was no established religion. The population was 680, and grew to over 11000 in ten years. Some of the Indian tribes were Iroquois, Conoy, and Nanticoke.