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Bi-Weekly Newsletter (September 13 - September 25, 2021)


Prior to the start to the school year, the District announced that "all Pre-K through 12th
grade students, teachers and staff will be required to wear a mask indoors during the school day to help to decrease the transmission of the COVID-19 virus and its variants, regardless of vaccination status. Masks are also required for everyone who is unvaccinated.

All students are required to wear masks at all times while using public transportation, including school buses. This is mandated per the CDC and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s Security Directive SD 1582/84-21-01. This directive includes students using school transportation for sporting events or extracurricular activities."

We are seeing an increase in Covid cases among our scholars. We are committed to the health and safety of our scholars, staff and visitors to our building, and we need your help!! Many of our scholars are not reporting to school with masks and/or are not wearing them properly. Scholars are wearing masks below their faces, not covering their noses or are not wearing them at all. Please take time at home to talk with your child about the importance of wearing their masks while in the building and on our school buses and providing your child with a mask to wear when they report to school.

We appreciate your assistance in helping to keep our school community healthy!!

Mrs. Breen Slauter, Principal

Virtual Learning Option Sign-up Deadline 9/17/21

Please read the letter below concerning the VLO option for families. The deadline for sign-ups for this option is Friday, September 17th.

Grade 5

The 5th grade team would like to remind all students to bring a water bottle if they need it during the day. Teachers no longer can provide cups for students, as it is causing issues with spills in the classroom and near chromebooks. Water bottles are allowed but must be brought from home (none will be provided).

We would also like to remind students to bring their chromebook to school every day. It is also good to have chromebooks charge overnight.

We would like to welcome Ms. Lawson as the new Humanities teacher at HAMS. She recently graduated from Bowling Green State University.

Parent letters went home with your student on Thursday, September 9th regarding schedule changes. Please check for that information as new schedules for 5th grade students will start on Monday, September 13th.

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5th Grade Schedules

On Thursday, September 9, your scholar brought home a letter regarding changes to the 5th grade team. In addition, this letter was sent to the email addresses on file. Please check your email and/or with your scholar to review this information, as the changes begin on Monday, September 13th.

Grade 6

Math (Babb)- Map testing will take place next week. Scholars are encouraged to give their best effort so that we can determine the best accelerations/interventions in order to reach the scholar's full potential.

Topics covered during class include decimals and measurement. Scholars will also begin individual multiplication/factors lessons.

Math (Griffin)- We are finishing up MAP testing this week and moving on to skills on the Coordinate plane. Scholars will be working on a choice board next week involving graphing coordinates on the coordinate plane. Scholars will continue work on XTRAMath, ALEKS, along with assignments on ECHO. Please be sure to check grades and monitor missing assignments.

Humanities- We are continuing our book study of “A Long Walk to Water” with theme, figurative language, and cultural exploration. Along with this we have been working on map skills and will soon turn our focus to latitude and longitude. Ask your child if they have checked out a book from Mrs. Coley or Mrs. Moyer for their personal reading.

Science- We are beginning with our unit rocks and minerals. Scholars are becoming familiar with some of our new programs. (Discovery Education, Gizmos, Edpuzzle, ELA news, and Mastery Connect) We started doing a variety of different labs both hands-on and virtual. We also did our first learning centers this week in which there are four stations students will rotate through within two days.

iLab- Scholars will be designing and building the HAMS float for the Reynoldsburg homecoming parade.

Grade 7

The weekly incentive began this week! Each week, students have the opportunity to earn some down time by meeting the following criteria: no more than one tardy, no more than 2 behavior issues, and no F’s in any of their classes. Check in with your student and see if they are earning the incentive each week!

In ELA with Ms. Lawrence, scholars have been working on annotating texts to ensure that they are engaged in what they are reading. Note-taking while reading increases the likelihood that readers will comprehend what they read. In the coming weeks, students will begin writing their first argumentative essay on the topic of Child Labor.

In Science with Ms. Rogers, scholars are learning about different energy forms and the importance of conserving energy.

In Social Studies with Mr. Perkins, scholars began a unit on Ancient Greece. Scholars are learning several myths from Greek Mythology and next week there will be a project about Greek Mythology.

In Math this week, students are taking their Fall Benchmark MAP test. We also have started our routine of Xtra Math for daily fluency. Students can always do flashcards at home as well for extra practice; please let me know if they need to be provided. After testing, we will start using a new online math program called ALEKS. This program will meet students where they are at in their math pathway and help students with their misconceptions. They will start having lessons as weekly homework, due every Friday, starting next week. Please feel free to text Ms. Fox at 614-710-4840.

In the Innovation Lab, scholars are working on designs for the Homecoming Parade Float.

Reminders: Please make sure your scholar arrives at school with a charged chromebook or device. Also, start looking at ECHO for grades and missing assignments for your scholar. There are pictures below that show you how to access grades in Echo if you need assistance. Scores that appear in red in Echo are failing scores and need to be reworked and resubmitted. Scores that appear green in Echo are passing scores. Lastly, 7th grade teachers communicate with you through texting weekly. If you haven’t done so already, please click the link below and fill out your information for easy, back and forth communication: Parent/Guardian Texting Sign Up.

Thank you for sharing your student with us!

Your 7th Grade Team

Grade 8

Social Studies, Mr. Gentile,

This year we are learning about early American History. Topics include Colonization, American Independence, the U.S. Constitution, Western Expansion, and the Civil War. My assignments and grades are posted on our Echo website. Your child can show you how to access Echo and see their grades. We tend to have quizzes each Friday so students should be studying throughout the week. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

ELA, Mrs. Golden-Cole,

ELA is continuing with plot literature analysis and beginning short answer response and essay writing through the end of September.

Science, Mrs. Rahm,

In Mrs. Rahm Science 8 class, we have finished up our Keep the Heat project, and have been practicing many of our science skills like observation, predictions, and using science equipment in the classroom. Our collaboration skills have been a big focus in science the past few weeks as well. Please ask your student how they are doing with their collaboration skills. Next week, we will start our first unit about Non-contact Forces like gravity, magnetism, and electrostatics. To help make your student successful, please have them charge their Chromebook, bring a water bottle, organize their backpack, and bring headphones/earbuds with wires. These are skills and habits that need to be done at home for them to be successful everyday at school.

Washington DC Information

The link below is to an info letter for families who are interested in sending their students to Washington DC with the 8th grade class in the spring. We would love to have 8th grade students sign up for the trip, as it is always a fun and educational time!

DC Information Letter

Unified Arts and Leadership

African American Literature, Dr. Smith,

In African American Literature, students continued their study of Langston Hughes and chose their contemporary literature readings.


Upcoming Events:

  • The Beginner Band Band-a-versary concert is 9/28 @ 7pm.

Hello, HAMS families, and welcome to another amazing school year! My name is Ashley Pittman and I am the school social worker at Hannah Ashton Middle School. This year marks my fifth year in the building and I am so excited to get to know all of our new community members, and reconnect with all the familiar faces. I wanted to introduce myself and share a little bit about the resources available from my office.

Scholars are invited to visit my office for concerns related to peer conflict, emotional support, behavior support, referrals for counseling services, linkage to community resources, social emotional learning, small groups, and attendance related resources/supports. Families are encouraged to reach out if they have questions or would like more information about any of the available resources within the school community.

The attached flyer provides a QR code for students and families to fill out a request form to meet. You can also access the school social work google site from the link provided.

Ms. A, from Southeast Healthcare, is back with us this year! Ms. A is our prevention specialist and assists students through goal setting, lunch bunches, and so much more. To begin this year, she will be facilitating 'lunch bunches' with each grade level. There are spots for 6-8 scholars to come together with peers, learn about healthy friendships, communication, making new friends, boundaries/respecting others boundaries, etc. If you or your child are interested in joining your respective grade level lunch bunch, please use the QR code on the sign up flyer, or contact Ms. Ayannia Keener at All lunch bunches and small groups are facilitated by state licensed social workers. Feel free to reach out to Ms. Pittman with any questions. I look forward to seeing where this year takes us!

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In addition to updates of events in our HAMSLetter, we have created a HAMS family calendar!! You can add this google calendar to your own by clicking the link below.

HAMS Family Calendar

Important 2021-22 Forms

Emergency Medical Forms

Reynoldsburg City Schools requires an updated Emergency Medical Form to be kept on file for every scholar. Please fill out the EMA HERE and return to the HAMS Main Office during Raider Check-in on August 17th or to your scholar's homeroom teacher on the first day of school

Food Services

Reynoldsburg City Schools Food Service Department recognizes the importance of providing
students with healthy and nutritious meals at school. The complete Food Service policy can be located at:

  • Breakfast—Reynoldsburg City Schools provides a breakfast program to all students in all schools in accordance with federal regulations. For pricing and menu information, please check with your child’s school, or visit:
  • Lunch—Reynoldsburg City Schools offers a hot lunch service daily featuring a variety ofitems. Menus and pricing information are available at

PaySchools Central is a secure and convenient website application that allows parents to add to their child’s meal account online using any Visa or Mastercard (including Debit Visa and

Mastercard). To use the PAYFORIT.NET online system visit website.

Please note that breakfast and lunch will be free for students for the 2021-22 school year, however, we are strongly encouraging all families who are eligible for Free and Reduced lunch to still complete the application It is still important for families to apply for meal assistance. This is what helps determine how much funding the school district gets for programs that help children, families, teachers and administrators. If your child has been approved for free meals and has a negative balance, you are still responsible to pay off the balance on their account.

Technology Acceptable Use Form

The district offers a variety of technology tools, computer network and internet access to students and staff. Students are permitted and encouraged to bring personally-owned devices to school to support and enhance their education. They are provided filtered, internet access for personal devices, but not direct access to the district's networks, including printers and shared drives.

With these privileges come high expectations for responsible technology use and behavior. All students and staff must sign the district's Computer and Technology Acceptable Use Policy in order to be granted access to the district's network and technology resources. Please review this policy and keep in mind that it may be updated at any time in order to accommodate rapidly changing technology.

The Technology Acceptable Use Form must be completed for each student prior to distribution of his/her/their school issued device.

5th Grade Schedule Changes

Monday, Sep. 13th, 7am

1482 Jackson Street

Reynoldsburg, OH

Vaccinaton Clinic (#2)

Thursday, Sep. 16th, 8am

6699 East Livingston Avenue

Reynoldsburg, OH

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Student Handbook

Please download a copy of our 2021 - 22 School Year Student Handbook. Hard copies will be provided to families and can also be found on our school website at

Ms. Breen Slauter, Principal

Mr. Toby Quinn, Assistant Principal

Ms. Suzanne Robetoy, Administrator of Student Support

Mrs. Ashley Pittman, Social Worker

Mrs. Quan Boyd, Secretary

Mrs. Kerry Riggs, Secretary

Office Hours are 7:00am to 3:00pm