Guided Math Workshop

Fixed and Flexible


  • Mini lesson - 10 minutes (range)
  • Independent Work/Individual Conferences/Guided Math Group
  • Workshop Interruption - (no more than 2 minutes-Two Max)
  • Continue independent work, etc…
  • Share/Close (approx. 5 minutes) - Think 2.4 and 2.5 High Effective here

Energizer/Math Fluency

Formative Assessment - Pre/post, NWEA, informal, etc.


  • What the other students doing while you run focused small groups.

  • How we group our students.

  • Use of resources.

  • Guided math station ideas

  • Tools

  • Problem solving

  • Claims and evidence in journals

  • Games

  • Fact fluency

  • Writing about thinking or telling the whys

  • Technology-illustrative mathematics? PARCC practice items, etc...

  • Choice

  • Application

  • Independent Practice

  • Collections

  • Exploration (tools, vocabulary, practices)

  • Challenge (students find real,world examples and record connections)

  • Types of assessment

  • Building math literature/ creating math books

  • Have students become the teacher

Today we share the different flexible "ways" we teach and use resources within the fixed schedule.