5 Things to Know about WNHS

January 11, 2019

PSAT Score Reports

Last Wednesday, during grade level assemblies, all 11th grade students received their PSAT grade reports from the testing in October. This report gives them information about their strengths and challenges and also provides access codes for further information. These codes can be used to go online at the CollegeBoard.org website and get personalized practice from Khan Academy. Shown in the box below this article is a link for a parent tutorial to help you understand what the score report shows and how to help your student grow. Students were also reminded that SAT classes have started this week. Their score report will define specific things to study between now and the time of the SAT in April to better their scores. If students would like to be in an SAT prep class during their school day, they must see their counselors immediately. If you are the parent of a Junior and you did not see their score report, ask them to show you!


Monday, January 14, 2019 6:30 PM (6 PM for Dual Language Presentation)

Parents of students who will be Freshmen in our building next year should plan to attend our Course Selection night on Monday, January 14. The evening will begin with a presentation for the Dual Language Program at 6 PM in D187. The presentation for all parents will begin in the auditorium at 6:30 PM. All students who attend will receive their course recommendations for next year for Math, Science, English, and World Language. Parents will have a brief general information session where they can ask questions about the overall school program. Then, there will be an open curriculum fair with representatives from all departments and athletic teams. Parents should ask these teachers and coaches any specific questions that they might have about classes or programs. Parents should have received a letter from WNHS and also notification from NWMS. Additional questions should be directed to the Counseling Department at ext. 2124.

5 Essentials Survey to Begin

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) will again partner with UChicago Impact to administer the Illinois 5Essentials Survey this year. Teachers and students will be able to complete the survey at WNHS beginning next week. Starting in school year 2018-19, statute requires all districts to administer a climate and culture survey annually. The 5 Essentials Survey provides school districts with detailed data on school culture and climate by inquiring into five critical areas for school improvement. The data from the survey will also be published on the Illinois Report Card. There is a link for this information shown below. Students will complete the survey during their PE period. We need to have all students take the survey so that we can ensure we gather the most accurate information possible. If you have questions about the survey, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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WNHS Share Table

WNHS has now joined all the elementary and middle schools in the district and has started a Share Table. In this location in the cafeteria, students are asked to donate any pre-packaged food items from their lunch or breakfast that they do not want to eat. Food items must be from their school meal and must be either packaged or be a fruit that must be peeled to eat (such as an orange or banana) . Any student can donate to the table or take from the table. Temperatures of food that require refrigeration are monitored to be sure that food stays at a safe temperature for consumption. This initiative helps us eliminate wastefulness and provide healthy food for students who might need or want it. We hope your student will participate in this initiative with us.

Health Care Provided at School

Parents will soon have two special opportunities to have access to health care for their students. On Tuesday, March 5, students can receive a dental exam at school. This could include a dental exam, cleaning, fluoride application, and/or dental sealant. If your student is enrolled in Medicaid or All Kids, the service is free. If your student is not part of those plans, there is a $60 fee. Parents must complete, sign, and return a letter of interest by JANUARY 25 if they would like to participate. The form is attached below.

Parents will also have the opportunity to have their students receive a Teen Heart Screening EKG at school. Students will participate in the screening during their PE class. Parents of students must choose to participate in this screening, and there is a $5 fee for all students. Parents will be mailed a permission slip about signing up for this service in the next two weeks. Parents will need to fill out the form and permission information, and return it with the $5 payment to the school nurse by JANUARY 25. All EKG's will be read by a Pediatric Cardiologist within 3-4 days of the screening. If there is an issue, parents will be contacted directly by Northwestern Medicine and Centegra. Please see the letter attached below for more information about the screening. If you have any further questions about this screening, please contact our school nurse, Jennifer Butenschoen at ext. 2122.