Life In The Andes

Dylan G. period 3


Life in the Andes mountains are very different than life in America. The Andes mountains are the longest mountain range in the world. The Andes have 5 different characteristics of land. These are the Tierra Caliente, the Tierra Templada, the Tierra Fria, Tierra Helada and, the Tierra Nevada


Many people in the Andes grow crops. Some people grow just enough for their families and some people grow enough for vertical trade. Vertical trade is when you trade crops or food to low land or high land areas. A lot of times corn is grown in the Tierra Frio, bananas in the Tierra Calente, and a lot of times farmers make terraces for more land in the Tierra Fria. Juan said, ''building terraces gives us more land for farming. We can use land we couldn't before.''


A lot of times in the Andes mountains, you might need to build your houses on stilts to prevent flooding because often it floods in the rainforrest. You also might use adobe brick because the higher you get in the mountains the colder it gets. Paublo said, ''here in the andes our houses are not like the ones in America we have many more windows for breeze when it gets warm.''

Way Of Life

In the Andes people have adapted the the thin air in the environment by larger lungs to make it easier to breath. People have also adapted to the knowledge of what crops to plant in which height level in the Andes.