Vicki Hearne

seven interesting facts

  • Vicki Hearne was born in 1946 and died on August 21 2001.
  • She wrote many animal poems, some are about horses.
  • Hearne has been an animal trainer.
  • She grew up in Loiusiana and Mississippi.
  • She recieved the 1992 award for fantastic literary from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.
  • She was born in Austin Texas and she died in Westbrook Connecticut.
  • She knew a lot about domesticated animals and wrote a book called Adam's Task.

January 6

January 6

By Vicki Hearne

We must stop bragging. There are limits

For us to the cold and the twelfth night

Marks them all. Just off the coast of Maine

The lobster boats pass, dragging their nets.

Capsize once in a while, in water

Like that you die, that’s all, that water

Isn’t even frozen. Not even

Frozen, and that’s as cold as it gets.

The hearts of birds beat voraciously

So they keep warm, so if you put out

A feeder, keep it full of the seeds

Their hearts feed on, then it is only

When their food runs out that you find them

Inexpressibly taut in hollows,

And that’s as cold as it ever gets.

The Archer

The Archer

By Vicki Hearne

The sudden thuck of landing

The arrow made in the mark

Of the center lifted and

Loosened his skin. And so he

Stood, hearing it like many

Thrusting breaths driven to ground.

He abandoned the long light

Flight of arrows and the slow

Parabolas bows dream of

For the swifter song beyond

Flesh. Song of moments. The earth

Turned its molten balance.

He stood hearing it again:

The precise shudder the arrow

Sought and returned to, flaming.

Passing over your virtues

Passing Over Your Virtues

By Vicki Hearne

To pass over in silence

Is to acknowledge logic,

The necessity of form,

The stunning curve of language,

The curious way it seems

To turn out that “love” means “need”

Even in a lush garden.

To pass over the Red Sea

Or your bounty—so long as

True silence and not some tense

Paralysis of the false

Is achieved—then Passover

Is always a charity,

The painted fish in the blue

Water turns to their own colors.

To pass over in silence

Is to acknowledge you if

This chatter dissolve as it

Will in the marvelous sky.