Benozzo Gozzoli

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When and where was he born.

Gozzoli was born and raised in a village of Sant'ilario a Colombaia. In 1427 he moved with his family to Florence Italy. He spent most of his life in Florence. He was a assistant and helped in most places in Florence. In 1441 he left his friend Fra Angelico and moved to Umbria

Education and Lifestyle

Benozzo Gozzoli had an ability as an independent master to amply evident in the paintings he executed in Motefalco in the early 1450s. In early part of his career he was a pupil and assistant of Fra Angelico. 1444-1447 he collaborated with Lorenzo Ghiberti and his studio on Paradise Doors.


Benozzo Gozzoli partons were Pope Nichloas V, The Medici, and the Commune of Pisa.

Art Style

His art style was specializing in fresco painting. He created chapels throughout Tuscany, Umbria, and Rome. He did alter pieces for example he would sculpted his favorite artist such as Lorenzo Ghiberti and painter Fra Angelico. He is most famous for a small chapel that he decorated with Frescos of the Procession of the Magi.

Madonna of Humility

One of Gozzoli's paintings is the Madonna of Humility with Saint Peter, John the Baptist, and Jerome and Paul. This piece was created in 1456. This was painted tempera on panel. This portrays of the Virgin Mary ,also known as Madonna, sitting on a cushion, while she is holding the baby Jesus on her lap. You can now see this piece today in Galleria Nazionale dell' Umbria.
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