Charming Belles Updates

Week of May 5th

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Want to maximize your trunk show sales?

Once you've booked a show, you want to make sure you make the most of it and get great sales! Join us TONIGHT, Tuesday, May 3rd at 8:30 PM EST and hear some ladies on our team share their top tips for getting great sales at their trunk shows.

We'll meet on zoom which is a free webconferencing program you can access online from your computer or you can download the app. Here's the link to join the zoom event:

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Let's Book 4 by the 4th!

Check out this fun incentive from Jenny Foley on our Southern Charms page and let's go for it!!:

I can't seem to get enough of all the gorgeous spring shoes out there so let's have some fun with this pair because I know many of you have RED SHOES on the mind with HOOPLA around the corner! I love the idea of focusing the first few days of the month on BOOKING so that your month is set and you don't have to think about it!

So here's the deal....get 4 trunk solid trunk show dates on your May calendar by end of day on the 4th and your name is in the drawing for these gorgeous shoes. Finalize that date, enter it in the lounge, and comment on Facebook #4bythe4th to have your name in the drawing! Those already booked count!

fine print: in home shows only

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One more week of our EXTRAORDINARY sponsoring special!

Jessica Herrin's book launches today - our sign up special is extended - and CBS loves us again! So what do you do with all of that extraordinary momentum? Take extraordinary action!

Why not call 3 contacts today - just do it! And say:
"You may or may not have wondered if being a Stylist would be right for you – check out this clip about the company - our founder & CEO's booked just launched today too! You’ll see why what we do here is not only a powerful business, it’s a mission and a movement! Given all the press, the company has extended this truly extraordinary sign-up special! There are only a few days left to sign up and get $450 in free product right away – plus the chance to earn ANOTHER $300 in product back in your first month. I know you’ve got what it takes and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way. I’ll give you a call later to chat!”

Goodbye Fear!
Hello Extraordinary!

Who will you share with today - such a perfect opporutunity to reach out and share the ‪#‎helloextraordinary‬ movement and your personal passion!

Here are two great links to share:

We had an amazing april!

There are so many things to celebrate from April! I'm so amazed by how many new women launched strong, how many joined our team and are ready to launch, the coaching that you're doing, and most of all the resilience many of you showed to keep working for your goals, even when it was tough. Whether you met those goals or not, you went further than you could have if you hadn't been reaching. Be proud of yourself! Our team is seriously growing, so if you find yourself on the leader list for any of these categories this month, you are simply amazing!!!

Ready to Rock in May!

I'm excited to jump into May with you! I love to talk to you on the phone or in zoom or meet up if we love close to each other. I'd love to hear what your May goals are and help you make a plan to reach them.

Welcome to all of the new stylists on our team! We're all here to help you and your sponsor is a great resource to help you get started strong! Let's make it a great month!

Let me know how I can help!