Jewish Culture

by Sharon.H

The World Of The Jews

culture. holidays. beliefs . what could it be? what are the holidays and beliefs of the Jewish culture? Jewish cultures have different holidays and beliefs that you might not know on the top of your head. Jewish holidays and beliefs have lots of interesting facts and cultures that you might not know everyday.

what are the jewish beliefs

Jewish Beliefs

What are the Jewish beliefs? Juduism,Islam, and Christanity believe that there is only on God. The ten commandments or other laws is what God expected of people. Other nations eventully drawn that God had promised Jews( Isreal ) a great nation. Worldwide, peace, community are all in the scared book called the Hebrew Bible. Tradional Jews, laws ,stories, comments about those laws are in the Talmud collection which are stories about those laws. Know you the beliefs of the Jewish culture.

what are the jewish hoildays?

Jewish hoildays

what are some of the holidays of the Jewish culture? pilgrim festivals and high holidays are the two parts of the Jewish holidays. some major holidays include Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana. Rosh Hashana is a joyous celebration. The ten day period begins the anniversary of the creation of the world called the holy days and the days of awe end Yom Kippur. the holiest day is Yom Kippur on that day people are forgiven for their sins against God and other people. So these are some of the Jewish holidays of the Jewish cultures.

In the end

As you can see there are different facts and beliefs of the Jewish culture. The culture, holidays, and beliefs are different for the Jewish culture. The Jewish culture is a big part of cultures and beliefs.

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