"The Personal Trainer in Your Pocket"

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What it Does

Endomondo is a fitness app run by Under Armour that tracks a multitude of sports including walking, running, and cycling. With this app, you can complete challenges and compete against friends.


Overall I would give this app a 4 out of 5.

There are several great features, especially on Endomondo's website, that are free, including:

Challenges - there are challenges made by users of the app and also Under Armour that motivate you to run farther, faster, and burn more calories.

Summary - each time you work out you get a detailed map of where you ran/biked and what your pace was each step of the route.

Friends - you can compete against friends and send them live pep-talks.

Statistics - each workout gives information on elevation (i.e. how much elevation changed), average pace, average speed, calories burned and more.

Personally, I get the sense that the app is used mostly for tracking workouts while users should access Endomondo's website for additional features. I quite like this combination.

I have found through my running that because I run under a lot of trees, the GPS tracking lags and gets altered by a little. This is not that big of a problem for me because I usually don't analyze specific parts of my run; however I see this as a potential problem for other users. This is an unavoidable downside of using any GPS fitness app, so I do not think Endomondo is to blame.

I would recommend anyone who runs or bikes on a daily basis at least try this app because I think it might appeal more to certain people based on its features. The app has a different feel than others and is definitely something to try.

NOTE: The app does ask for age, height, and weight at the beginning.

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Pros & Cons


1. You can log a variety of workouts including a variety of sports (including basketball, football, soccer, etc.). You can log workouts without actually doing them in the app. This means that if you forget to track yourself, you can still log the workout. Also, you can log an indoor workout that doesn't use GPS tracking.

2. Endomondo has a website that offers additional features.

3. The app is simplistic and is user-friendly.

4. Each time you work out, you get stats on your speed, duration, calories burned, pace, distance and more.

5. You can pair a Bluetooth heart rate monitor with the app.

6. It connects to social networks and there is a community inside the app.


1. The premium version of the app costs $29.99/year or $5.99/month, which is somewhat pricey.

2. The features the premium version offer are, in my opinion, not too useful unless you are seriously committed to working out.

3. The app does not directly link to music so you have to put it in the background.

4. The free version does not offer a training plan option or personalized coaching. Other apps do this for free.

Visit Endomondo's Website

Free Your Endorphins - Try this app out and see if it works for you!