Aaryan's 12th birthday celebration!

What's the plan of action?

Aaryan's b'day party is Sunday, November 10

The b'day was Wed Nov 6

He wanted his friends

with him to jump and shout

So Sunday Nov 10, it is

When we all hang out

and have fun in the sun :)

The party starts at Aaryan's home

Sunday, Nov. 10th 2013 at 11am

282 Eureka Ct

Sunnyvale, CA

Party starts at Aaryan's home, some fun time in the park, lunch and cake and off the big kids go for bowling to Homestead Bowl in Cupertino. (Google Maps).

So, put on your party hat (and your bowling shoes) and get ready to enjoy!

What's happening?

11 am- Meet at Aaryan's home

11:15- 12:15 Play time

12:30- 1 pm Lunch and cake

1:15 Off for Bowling

3 pm Back from Bowling

Parents are very welcome to stay. If you're dropping off your child, you can pick them up from the bowling place or from our home, we can bring them back. Let us know if you will stay.

Jaya, Aaryan's mom's number: 408-569-9240