By: Tatum Lierman

How did Gold get its name?

Gold got its unique name from the Old English word "geolu". This word means yellow, indicating gold was named after its vibrant and beautiful color

Group on Periodic Table: 11, Coinage Metal

Period: 6

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Chemical symbol: Au

Atomic Number: 79

atomic mass: 196.96655 amu

Protons: 79 Neutrons: 118 electrons: 79

valence electrons: 1


Au- 194 = 1.6 days

Au- 195 = 186.1 days

Au- 195m = 30.5 seconds

Au- 196 = 6.2 days

Au- 197 = stable

Au- 198 = 2.7 days

Au-199 = 3.14 days

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Temperature points

Melting point: 1947.974 (Fahrenheit)

Boiling point: 5084.6 (Fahrenheit)

Density: 19.32 g/cm (cubed)

Abundance in earths crust: 3.1x10-7%

State of matter: Solid

Where is gold found?

Gold can be found in Primary deposits and secondary deposits. In primary deposits, gold can be mined, with large machines and professional miners. In secondary deposits, gold can be found in rivers or streams

What form gold is found in?

Soft metal that is in pure form (usually shaped like nuggets)

Uses of gold

Medical uses (including oral dentistry)

Jewelry and Finances


What I found interesting:

Gold has many medical purposes including repairing teeth and help with some radiation treatments

Gold is found in many technology services including computers, and even GPS units


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