Giovanni Da Verrazzano

by Michael L

Life On The Sea

Giovanni da Verrazzano was sent to search near the eastern coast of north America and find a route to the pacific ocean. He is most likely the first European to discover Manhattan, he also most likely discovered the Virginia and Delaware capes. Sadly, his last journey was not a very happy ending, he was killed and eaten by cannibals on the island of Guadeloupe.
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His Most Important Sailing Tools

Giovanni da Verrazzano had four ships. They were named the Vittoria, the Santa Maria, the Normanda, and the Delphina. The Delphina was named after King Francis I's first daughter. The Santa Maria and the Vittoria were lost in a storm at sea. The Normanda was destroyed in a battle against spanish ships. In the end, only the Delphina was seaworthy.

Legacy Review

Giovanni has many monuments to his name, this paragraph will show some of his legacy. He has a statue in battery park for being the first European to discover a lot of the eastern coast such as Manhattan. Giovanni also has a statue in Providence NYC for his discoveries of a lot of the east coast. Lastly, Giovanni has a bridge that connects Brooklyn and Staten Island to the rest of New York.
Giovanni da Verrazzano