Upper Perkiomen School District

Comprehensive Plan Update

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

With the school year underway the district would like to share an update with the community regarding the Comprehensive Planning process which has been underway since the beginning of last school year.

The Comprehensive Plan is a framework for thoughtful data-driven and research-based district and school improvement planning mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Comprehensive planning facilitates communication and collaboration, promotes shared practices and resources, and ensures that every stakeholder is working toward common goals. The Comprehensive Planning process is designed to assist the Upper Perkiomen School District in creating and managing a continuous improvement plan to submit to the Department in order to maintain compliance with state and federal mandates.

The Steering Committee, which was comprised of administrators, teachers, parents, local business owners, and community members, began this process during the 2016-2017 school year. Through an analysis of stakeholder data, including, student, staff, and parent survey data; school performance data; and stakeholder feedback, the committee was able to establish a new district mission and accompanying visions statements.


The Upper Perkiomen School District empowers learners, fosters community partnerships, and inspires innovation to maximize personal growth.


Student Achievement

At UPSD all students will have access to a full continuum of learning experiences in order to actualize their personal growth.


UPSD provides a safe and supportive school environment that values and is responsive to the uniqueness of each individual.


UPSD encourages all students and staff to responsibly advocate for themselves and actively make choices in their own learning


UPSD fosters and utilizes local and global connections to cultivate learning experiences within and beyond the classroom.


UPSD nurtures a student centered learning environment that enhances critical and creative thinking.

Using the Mission and Vision Statements to Establish District Goals

Once the committee finalized the new mission and vision statements, the Steering Committee began to work towards the establishment of the goals that would guide the direction of the district over the next three years. From the analysis of data aligned with the expectation and ambition of the newly proposed mission and vision, the committee identified academic achievement, safe and supportive schools, college and career readiness, and curriculum and instruction as the themes from which these goals would be developed.

Over the summer, the district administrative team utilized the draft goals developed by the committee to refine and finalize the goals for the comprehensive plan. After much time, consideration, and discussion, the following goals were presented and approved by the school board during the August meeting. The goals of the comprehensive plan are as follows:


We will provide teaching and learning opportunities for students and staff to yield growth on student achievement measures.

We will provide a safe and supportive environment that responds to student’s needs.

100% of students will graduate from Upper Perkiomen School District with the skills, knowledge, and understanding of how to pursue the college or career of their choice.

Next Steps for Comprehensive Planning

Now that the district has establish a clear direction from the mission, vision, and goals, the next step is for designated subcommittees to utilize this information to establish the goals and action plans associated with Professional Education, Induction, Student Services, and Special Education. These committees will be working to establish formalized action plans which will be reviewed by the Steering Committee in January of 2018 and then presented to the School Board and the public in May or June of 2018.

To ensure that that the community remains informed on the progress towards completion of the Comprehensive Plan, newsletters will be sent sent to the community, posted on the website, and presented to the public at school board meetings or workshops throughout this school year.

The district administration would like to both thank members of the Steering Committee and subcommittees for the time they have spent working with district staff already and for the time that they will invest in the planning process in the future.

This is an exciting time in the district that will significantly impact the future of the Upper Perkiomen School District.