Fiji Islands


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  • Light blue, dark blue, red, white, green and yellow are the colors.
  • The flag contains a small British flag. The British gave Fiji independence in 1970.
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  • Most people in Fiji are Christian.
  • The next largest group is Hindu.
  • Fiji has a small Muslim population.

Interesting thing

  • There are 850 island.
  • Only about 100 are inhabited.
  • Fiji is a country in the South Pacific.
  • In 1874, Fiji came under the control of Great Britain.
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English, fijian and hindustari.


They eat sugarcane, coconuts, cassava, (tapioca) rice, sweet potatoes and bananas


Lovo is a food served at weddings and festivals. Lovo is meats, fish and vegetables wrapped in banana leaves prepared in a underground oven. The underground oven is created using:

  • firewood
  • some smooth-surfaced stones
  • a roll of foil
  • banana leaves
  • clean sacks and
  • a shovel.


The most popular traditional Fijian dance is the meke.


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