The Origin of Theology of The Body

By: Emily, Allie, and Pacey

"Love is not merely a feeling; it is an act of will that consists of preferring, in a constant manner the good of others to the good of oneself." ~Pope John Paul II

History of Theology of The Body

Pope John Paul II dedicated 129 of his "Wednesday audiences" to a series of talks about the human body and sexuality.

The Theology of The Body explores the meaning of our bodies and of sexual desire as it relates to the purpose of our existence.

3 Reasons Theology of The Body Is Helpful For Someone Wanting to Experience Lasting Love

  1. God’s purpose for our lives and ultimately find true love and happiness.
  2. In order for a person to love another properly, he or she must first desire what is good for the other person.
  3. Teens can begin to train themselves for faithfulness in their future marriages by speaking the truth with their bodies now, through purity and self-control.

5 Key Facts of Theology of The Body

  1. Just as a sacrament makes a spiritual reality visible, the body makes our call to love visible.
  2. God created us freely out of love, male and female. He made us for loving communion with each other and destined us to share in His own eternal bliss.
  3. Husbands and wives continually renew their wedding vows through lives of true mutual service, but especially through their one-flesh union: the marital act of sexual relations.
  4. Practicing various styles of silent and vocal prayer is the way to hear God’s voice and overcome the common impediments of noise, busyness, fear, sin, laziness, and apathy.
  5. The path to happiness and holiness in life is to learn to speak the language of the body as God intended: freely, totally, faithfully, and fruitfully.

Story of Theology of The Body

Christalina Evert shared with us multiple times of her transition into the theology of the body. She explains to us that when she was in high school her life wasn't so amazing. She constantly slept with guys and partied to much. Though once she met her husband (Jason Evert) she has had a huge conversion.