The Prefix Se!!!!

Don't be left out! EVERYONE is using Se!!!!!!!!

What does it look like?

Se is the most the most beautiful prefix. It looks magical and wonderful in every way

What can it do?

Se can do many things. Se means apart or away from. For example we can use the word separate. Separate means to be apart and without Se it is no longer a word.

How good is Se compared to a different prefix

Se is a lot like the prefix dis. They both mean not together. Se is better because it is shorter and sounds more sophisticated.

what is a anecdote about Se?

Sally, one of our valued customers was having trouble with her marriage a couple months ago. She called us to ask what she should do. We told her to SEperate from her spouse. After that she says she is so happy with our help.

Our Audience

If you are having trouble with one specific person all you have to do is use SE in a word and it will fix your problem quickly with no problems at all.

Se is the best!!!!!! Se will SEclude you from your problems

Here at we are very altruistic people and care about you