By: Tanequa Moten


Feudalism is apart of the byzantine empire it is a system of organization. feudalism was around from the 9th to 15th century. It is a system structuring society around relationship from holding land in exchange for service or labour

Structure of Feudalism

The structure of feudalism was set up as something kings (monarch's), lords, knights, serfs. They was all divided into different things so that they could have power over different things.

Kings (monarch's)

King were at the top of the pyramid in feudalism. All the land belongs to the king. They also give land to the nobles if they are loyal. Monarchs called land fiefs. They also ruled everybody.

Nobles (Lords)

They were called lord's. They pay for land yearly. They owed the monarch loyalty. They also raised an army of knights and soldiers to defend the monarch. They ruled the knights.


They are below the nobles. They received land from the nobles and owed them loyalty in return. They has to defend their lords and his land from attacks. They also have to pay yearly for land.


Serfs are the lowest class of all of them. They owed both loyalty and labor to nobles, and their lords. They also had to pay yearly rent to their lords. They aren't slaves but the lords had absolute control over the serfs.

Manor system

consisted of the division of the land into self-sufficient estates, each presided over by the lord of the manor and tilled by residents of the local village that usually accompanied each manorial estate.