All About Computer Devices!

The Basics!

Did you know about...?

Inside a computer there are many bits and pieces to help it work and this poster is going to tell you the basics. There is the hard drive, optical drive, monitor, input/output devices and touch screens. These are the main deices in a computer and it is very important to learn in the ICT curriculum. And in most jobs!

The Hard Drive (HDD/SSD)

It is a data storage device used for keeping and retrieving information using a rotating disk that is covered in a magnetic material. It is found inside the computer and is in EVERY computer. They are very expensive to buy!

Touch Screens

Touch screens are found everywhere, on phones, camera's, computers and many more! Maybe in the future there will be a touch screen TV, well you never know what the future might bring you. Touch screens are a display device which allows the user to interact with a computer by touching areas on the screen.

Currys and PC world

This store has many many of the latest tech where you can buy all of these products, so here is the contact information!