Dmitri Mendeleev

dmitri mendeleev

Dmitri Mendeleev

Born: 8 February 1834

Died: 2 February 1907 ( age 72)

Nationality: Russian


mother: Maria Dmitrievna Mendeleev

father: Ivan Pavlovich

daughter: Lyubov Dmitrievna Mendeleeva

Wife: Anna Ivanova Popova

Son: Vasily Mendeleev

Sister: Masha Mendeleeva

Son: Ivan Mendeleev

Son: Vladimir Mendeleev

Daughter: Olga Mendeleeva

Dmitri Mendeleev was passionate about chemistry.

Mendeleev’s wish led to his discovery of the periodic law and his creation of the periodic table – one of the most iconic symbols ever seen in science: almost everyone recognizes it instantly: science has few other creations as well-known as the periodic table.

His father was a teacher who had graduated at Saint Petersburg’s Main Pedagogical Institute – a teacher training institution.

His first Periodic Table was compiled on the basis of arranging the elements in ascending order of atomic weight and grouping them by similarity of properties. He predicted the existence and properties of new elements and pointed out accepted atomic weights that were in error. This organization surpassed attempts at classification by Beguyer de Chancourtois and Newlands and was published a year before the work of Lothar Meyer.

In 1850 Dmitri and his mother walked almost a thousand miles to Moscow so he could apply for the University of Moscow. Dmitri was accepted into the Institute of Pedagogy on a full scholarship. That same year his mother died and at the age of sixteen, Dmitri was orphaned. After graduating with a degree in math and science, Dmitri moved to the Crimean Peninsula where he taught in Simferopol. In 1856, Dmitri returned to Petersburg University where he finished his master’s degree and was invited to teach at a Technical Institute.

Dmitri Mendeleev died on Jan. 20, 1907 from influenza.

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