The 13 Colonies

New England, Middle, and Southern colonies

New England Colony

The New England colony has New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut in it. Settlements like, the Puritans and the Pilgrims at Plymouth are made. Settlers are farmers, they make corn, squash, tobacco, and pumpkins. There are also fishers, they catch fish and whales. With the whales the villagers make, lamp oils, candles, and meat.They use timber to make ships. One important job is to trade, so you can have what your family wants and needs. Hunters hunt animals for food and the skin for blankets and clothes. Since the New England colony is up north, we have harsh winters with snow and a cold climate. There are mountains, thin rocky soil, and an ocean. We have freedom of religion. Although men are the only ones to vote, the New England colony is such a great place.

The Middle Colony

The Middle colony contains New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The settlements that are there now are, New Netherland, New Jersey, and New Amsterdam. At the Middle colony it is warmer then the New England colony but, it is still cold. There are also rivers, streams, rich soil, ocean, and some mountains. Since there is rich soil, there are farmers that make wheat and have cattle. The wheat soon becomes flour, for bread and other items. The cattle helps because then the villagers can have more meat and furs.There sailors and dock workers who help with the ships. Speaking of ships, like the New England colony they use timber to make ships. Also, we have traders and merchants so we can sell and trade items to make money. Lastly there are millers, they work in mills to make the wheat into flour. Our culture is to have many religious groups. That is all about the Middle colony, lets talk about the Southern colony now!

The Southern Colony

The Southern colony has flat land, and the soil is rich. This means that there are farms. The farms grow, rice, tobacco, and indigo. There are other jobs like being a barter or trader, this helps you get what you and your family needs. One other job is to be a fisher, so you can get food. At the Southern colony it is warm, it's not too hot and not too cold. Most of the settlers are Catholic. They also believe in slavery. Now you know about three colonies.

Compare and Contrast

Many settlements came for different reasons, here they are. There Roanoke settlement came up because, they wanted to set up a colony to explore. That is different then the Pilgrims at Plymouth because, they came to earn money and to have freedom of religion. Settlers came to New Netherland because, of the freedom of worship, self-made government, and free land. So all of the settlers came for different reasons, lets see how their settlements turned out. At Roanoke the settlement failed since they relied on the Indians. The Pilgrims at Plymouth had the same sort of thing happen to them. They had a harsh winter and many died without the Indians help. The New Netherland settlement survied for 50 year, then the English took power over the settlement. That was comparing and contrast settlements,