The Road to Perseverance

By: Delaney Eminger

What is perseverance?

I would define perseverance as the will to do anything and everything to reach you goals despite adversity.

Tom Monaghan Period of Perseverance

Tom Monaghan was put through several adversities which lead him to many triumphs. One adversity was when he lost control of his company but stayed as president. He worked 16 hours a day with a $200 pay check. to keep his money he drove an old beat up car and had barely any furniture. Working for someone else was something Tom tried to keep from but otherwise he would have been filed with bankruptcy. The new manager cut back on employees and reorganized the company. While reorganizing he put Tom in charge of 12 corporate stores. Tom was left to sleep in his car to keep expenses down. After only 10 months the new manager wanted out saying the company had no future. After that Tom was back to head of the company and over the next 9 years Tom rebuilt the company. He fought off all the other competing pizzerias and is now a successful company owner.


This is the name of Tom Monaghan's now successful pizza business

Winston Churchills Adversity Trail to Triumph

1. While in the liberal party Churchill tried to get his hands on military and navy business so many came to think he overstepped is position.

2. Then came the Dardanelles campaign, meant to be an infantry attack to the Dardanelles in Turkey, but then things went badly for the British and Churchill was blamed fro the whole thing and quickly moved out of government.

3. After being moved out of government Churchill went into depression and worried that his chances of being in government ever again were ruined

4. After being invited back to government and being Secretary of State for the Colonies he lost his MP seat

5. Then in 1929 the Labour Party won the national election and Churchill was again moved out of government

6. After being asked back into government to become Prime minister


"Perseverance is a stubbornness with a purpose."

~John Shipp