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K-12 Weekly: January 26, 2018

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Influenza is making it's way across the US and it is severe this year. We have not had outbreaks at our schools (yet!).

As a reminder:

  • Influenza is a virus of the respiratory tract, spread through the air by droplets, and causes symptoms such as fever, body aches, cough and fatigue. Symptoms can last 7 days.

Prevention is the best defense:

  • Get a flu shot if you haven't; it's not too late.
  • Wash your hand and cover coughs.
  • People are contagious 1-2 days before they come down with symptoms and up to 5-7 days after getting symptoms.
  • STAY HOME if you are sick.
  • You may return to work when you are fever free for at least 24 hours without medication AND feeling better.

Find out more: Iowa Department of Public Health Influenza FAQ

Healthy regards,

Angie Mitchell, RN, BSN

Knoxville School Nurse

"You can't educate a child who is not healthy, and you can't keep a child healthy who is not educated."

West Elementary: 641-842-2185

Northstar Elementary: 641-842-6527

Knoxville Middle School: 641-842-3315

Knoxville High School: 641-842-2173

Cell: 641-891-6016

Knoxville CSD Central Office

309 West Main Street

Knoxville, IA 50138

2018-2019 Academic Calendar

The academic calendar for the 2018-2019 school year was approved at the January 8, 2018 school board meeting. Please take note to plan ahead for the next school year.

Marion County Food Coalition: Food Distribution Calendar

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Jan. 30: Public School Parents Day at the Capitol

If you want to do ONE thing for public education this year that will have the greatest impact, join us in Des Moines on Tuesday, Jan. 30...

Drivers Education will be offered this spring @ KHS through Triple 'R' Driving School. This session begins on Tues., Feb. 27th with Mr. Grimm as the instructor. Register forms are available on our website, in the HS office, & via the PDF below.
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Students in Mr. Timm's 6th Grade Science class have been learning about the difference between animal and plant cells.

The MAIN GOAL is "How do cells contribute to the function of living things?"

Each student had the opportunity to select an animal cell worksheet and/or a plant cell worksheet to color-code the organelle's picture with the name of the organelle. Mr. Timm used their cell pictures to create a display that says, "YOU r COOL KIDS!" so that the students know they ARE an important part of the 6th grade Science classroom (pictured above).

After the students finished their cell and / or plant worksheets, part 2 began. Each student had the choice to make a 2D or 3D model of an animal and/or plant cell. The students were to try and not buy anything to make the models. As long as nothing explosive or dangerous was used, they could use almost anything to represent each of the cell's organelles. Below are some of the animal or plant cells model projects.

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7th Grade Math

The 7th grade math students in Mr. Uitermarkt and Mr. Vander Veer’s classes have been learning about percents. This unit covered various uses of percents in our lives which included discussions about markups, markdowns, coupons, sales tax, interest, and gratuity. Students recently completed a project where they had $3,000 to shop online for a required list of items to furnish an apartment. The students had to use 7 coupons to calculate various percentages off on certain items, and they had to find 7% sales tax on every item that they bought. They had to do all of this while keeping an eye on their budget to ensure that they didn’t go over. The students had fun “dreaming” of living on their own, but found some challenges in getting everything needed for the $3,000 that they were allotted.

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WOW--Look at what our welding and automotive students worked on the past several weeks in our mechanical drafting program! This custom made fire pit was placed in the silent auction during for our Coaches Vs. Cancer celebration. This is an example of what our students are capable of making in the Advanced Manufacturing class that we will be offering next year at KHS. This fire pit was created using our CNC Plasma Machine that the manufacturing classes started to use in December. Special SHOUT OUT to Mr. Sanger and all of the students that worked on this special project! Amazing work!
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Pictured below are scenes from our Coaches vs Cancer / Activities Assembly last Friday! We recognized our basketball teams, bowling team, wrestling team, and cheerleaders. We also drew for our weekly Panther Pride Raffle during this assembly--the prize was a $25 gift card to Casey's. Thank you to the Knoxville Booster Club for donating the gift card.
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Coaches Vs. Cancer: Event Pictures

Linked above are pictures taken by the KHS Camera Club of the Coaches vs Cancer game!


Reminders when attending home events as spectators:

Please remain in the gym and cheer in a positive manner for players. Students are not allowed to be in the hallways or walking around the school building at any time unsupervised by an adult.

Friday, Jan. 26th:

  • Hall of Fame Night: KHS Gym
  • Girls JV/Varsity Basketball vs. Centerville, 5pm @KHS Gym
  • Boys 9/JV Basketball vs. Centerville, 5pm @KMS Gym
  • Boys Varsity Basketball vs. Centerville, 8pm @KHS Gym
  • JV Wrestling Meet @ Fairfield, 5:30pm

Saturday, Jan. 27th:
  • G/B Bowling vs. Bondurant-Farrar @ Mustang Lanes, 9am
  • Varsity Wrestling @ Fairfield, 10am
  • State Jazz Band @ Pella, 3:35pm

Monday, Jan. 29th:

  • 7th Boys Basketball vs. Grinnell, 4:30pm @ KMS Gym
  • 8th Boys Basketball @ Grinnell, 4:30pm
  • JV Boys Basketball @ Indianola, 7pm

Tuesday, Jan. 30th:

  • 7th & 8th Boys Basketball @ Indianola, 4:30pm
  • JV/Varsity Wrestling Quad @ Pleasantville, 5:30pm
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Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age

The KCSD Wellness Team will be hosting a special screening of "Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age" at KPAC on March 19. This is a FREE event THANKS to our friends at Iowa State Savings Bank!

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