Chorus News

Notes from the Choir Department:

City Lights at Stampede

City Lights sang the Star Spangled Banner at the Stampede game on Saturday, February 27. It was the biggest night of the year for the Stampede, in conjunction with their annual Weiner Dog Races. The kids did a great job!

Spring Choir Concert
The Spring Choir Concert will be held in the Lincoln High School Auditorium on Monday, May 17, 2021. It will be structured the same way the Winter Concert was. Details are listed below.

Concert schedule
6th grade concert: 5:30-5:50; 7th grade concert: 6:30-6:50; 8th grade concert: 7:30-7:50.

For each performance, student performers and audience members will be admitted to the building 15 minutes prior to performance time. At that time, students will report directly to their spot on the risers and audience members will go directly to their seats.

At the conclusion of each concert session, the audience will be dismissed by rows, starting with the back. Parents will leave immediately and go to their cars to wait for their student performers. Students will wait on stage until the auditorium is clear and then will be dismissed to go to their car to meet their parents.


Tickets will be issued to family members, consistent with Return to Play practices and based on the number of seats available in the auditorium. Four tickets per family of each singer will be offered in advance of the concert. Tickets will be free of charge. A ticket sign-up will be sent via e-mail to choir families.


Students will wear black masks. Black disposable masks will be provided for the singers at the concert or students are welcome to wear their own if preferred.


Digital copies of the program will be sent to families in advance. Families can print if desired. No paper copies will be distributed at the concert.

We’re so thankful that this event can take place. The kids have been working hard and are excited to share their music.

As always, if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Spencer at or Mrs. Stadem at