Kindergarten News

October 14, 2016

Book Orders

All orders are due by 11:00 p.m. on Friday, October 14th. Thank you for your generous support of this program. Your orders have allowed us to purchase many wonderful items for our students to use in the classroom such as literacy games, magnetic writing activities, and of course books!

Fun Run

Thank you for collecting donations for the Fun Run! Our students had a great time this afternoon participating out on the field!

Halloween Field Trip

There will be a field trip and a school-wide parade on Friday, October 28 which is a half-day of school. When selecting a costume for your child, please keep in mind that masks, fake blood, and weapons are not appropriate for school and will not be allowed. We will be going across the street to Consumers Energy to trick or treat before the parade.

Please look in your student's purple communication folder tonight for the permission slip to join us at Consumers Energy! If your student will be joining us, please fill out the permission slip with your student's name and parent signature as soon as possible. Send it back to school in their purple communication folder. If you would like to volunteer for this field trip, please fill out the volunteer form (with copy of ID that can be done in the office) and send it in with your student's permission slip.


Please remember to send a healthy, NUT-FREE snack to school EVERY DAY. We try to provide extra snacks for these students, but we are running out of extras very quickly. Thank you for your help in making sure your child has a snack every day.


Continue working with numbers 1-5 at home. We will begin exploring larger numbers soon. The most challenging numbers to write at this time are 2, 3, and 5. To make this practice fun at home, try putting some shaving cream on the table and ask your student to use their finger to write the numbers in the shaving cream! You can also try using pudding on a plate, go outside with some side walk chalk, use Q-tips and water colors on paper.

Writers Workshop

We will continue focusing on writing “small moment” stories. Students are becoming more responsible during writing time but using their writing folder to hold all of their writing pieces. They must decide if their writing is finished, what they need to work on, and if they need to get more paper. To assist with this decision making we have created posters to use as a check list. The students are really enjoying writing their stories and getting ready to share their writing with others!


Students are enjoying getting to know their 5th grade reading buddy! During buddy time students read together, create books, or work on learning activities that focus on literacy or science themes.

We worked on the letter “Ee” this week and we added the word “is” to our word wall. We are also doing guided art projects for each letter of the alphabet.

We will continue building our independent reading stamina every day! Our goal for the end of the year is 30 minutes, we work every day to add more time and earn some special prizes along the way!


Thank you to those who have assisted with project prep and laminating! We look forward to seeing more volunteers next week for pumpkin math!

We are also looking for volunteers to help out at our field trip on the 28th!

As the school year continues more volunteer options will be posted! Please take a look at our Bloomz pages for other volunteer options such as Book Shopping supervisors, book doctors, copying help and lamination help. Thank you!

Important Dates

10/19 Late Start for students

10/20 Pumpkin Math (for volunteers @ 12:30)

10/20 Return Library Books

10/28 Consumers Energy Field Trip @ 9:00

10/28 Upton Costume Parade @ 10:45

10/28 Half Day Dismissal @ 11:37

10/28 PTA Trunk & Treat 6:30-9:00 p.m.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Mrs. Loveday and Mrs. Pollack