Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

My future carrer

What is a Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists?

Zoologists and wildlife biologists are study of origins, behavior, diseases, genetics and life processes of animals and wildlife. They would collect and analyze biological data to determine the environmental effect.

Working conditions

To work in this field you usually use e-mail, will always be working with a group meeting strict deadlines, making choices for the company. Instead of working at a desk you will working a closed vehicle ore equipment and many more things.


Zoologist and wildlife biologists earn $26.67/hour. $56,500 per year, highest 10% earns more than $93,140 while lowest 10 % earns less than $35,280 per year. Middle 50% earned between $44,830 to $71,990 per year. Federal Government zoologist earns $116,908 per year.

Pros and Cons


- I get to help animals and find out exciting things about nature and animals itself.


- I travel and go different places unfamiliar of, you deal with wild animals that can possible kill you.

- I have to take a lot of math and science classes also technology


Top 10 most popular general zoology/ animal biology

1, Miami University

2. Michigan State University

3. University of Oklahoma

4. University of Wisconsin

5. Ohio State University

6. North Carolina State University

7. Washington State University

8. North Dakota State University

9. University of Florida

10. Ohio University.

The recommended education level is at least an Bachelors degree or masters degree. Ph.D is not necessary but it generally is a requirement for independent research. If you are a undergraduate student your majoring in zoology and wildlife biology you will take courses in chemistry, biology,physics, engineering, computer science and mathematics.

Michigan State University

Home of the Spartans. My first choice for college because it has what I need to become a zoologists and wildlife biologists also it is ranked in 2nd for the top 10 most popular general schools for zoology and wildlife biology.

Why is this Job perfect for me?

This job is perfect for me because I love animals, even wildlife. To go on adventures and meeting new people I love to do. I want to keep animals safe no matter if they're house pets or outdoor animals we don't see every day. Life is an adventure for me and working as a Zoologists and wildlife biologists would be an adventure that I'm willing to take.