A Little Bit Scary

By, Makena London

You may think that Blob is a little bit scary but...

  • When he gets home he fills up the pool and will float in it.
  • In the Winter he has a snow ball fight with his friends.
  • At night he goes out to dinner with his family.

Good Deeds

  • He teaches kids how to swim.
  • He makes lunch for his family.
  • Blob helps his friends make a cool party.


  • Blob has a mom named Boo and she takes care of him.
  • He has a dad named Bob who swims with him.
  • He also has a brother and his name is Bobo.


  • He is on a swim team.
  • He likes the book the cat in the hat.
  • Blob is on a rolerscating club.

Blobs Favorite Things

  • H likes to swim.
  • He likes to read Dr.Suese books.
  • Blob loves to eat candy.