Julia the Elder

By: Tyler S


  • Born on 30 October 39 BC in Rome and died in Rhegium around AD 14 at age 53.


  • Julia the Elder was also known by her names Julia Caesaris filia abd Julia Augusti filia.
  • Father was Augustus and her mother was Scriboni.
  • Only child of Roman Emperor Augustus.
  • Julia lived in Julio-Claudian Dynasty.
  • Julia was married to Marcus Claudius Marcellus, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, and Tiberius.
  • Gaius Caesar, Vipsania Julia also known as Julia the Younger,Lucius Caesar, Vipsania Agrippina also called Agrippinathe Elder, and Agrippa Postumus.
  • Julia had two enemies, Tiberius and her mother in law


  • Julia died by slow starvation, either as suicide or on the orders of her former husband, the Emperor Tiberius.
  • Augustus banished Julia to an island in 2B.C. because she broke morality laws.
  • Julia's children were killed one by one and her last son was murdered in 14A.D.