Land of Stories The Wishing Spell

Molly Gentry Book By: Chris Colfer Skinner Block 4


Then setting of this story is located in a world beyond ours. This world is really big and very dangerous. Everyone from childhood fairy tales are in this world, Cinderella, Mother Goose,

Rapunzel, anyone! There are many mystical objects found throughout this world of fairy tales. The evil, gifted, the magical people found in this world are a very important part in the fairy tale history!


The theme in this story is to put others before yourself. In this story Alex and Conner saved the whole world by putting the whole world before them. The twins were very brave and strong to do this. Throughout the story, Alex and her brother refer everything they do to saving the world.


Symbolism in this story is the fairy tale book that the twins were given to from their grandmother. This book is what leads them to achieve what they are needing to throughout the story. The book is basically a portal to another world beyond ours.

Conflict and Plot

The conflict of this story is when the evil Queen tries to gather a spell that the twins are also trying to gather. The spell is called the Wishing Spell. The Queen is trying to gather this spell to get her loved one out of a mirror. On the other hand, the twins need to get the spell in order to get home. The evil Queen soon finds out that she can't save her love because he has been trapped in a mirror for too long that he doesn't survive and either does she. Alex and Connor get their waist and make it back home safely.

Book Review

This book contains everything a good written book needs in order to keep its shape. I went through laughter, depression, excitement. Those moments where you have to keep reading. Those moments when you are hanging on the edge of your seat having to know what's going to happen next! We all love those moments, but if you really need a moment like this I suggest that you read this incredible book by Chris Colfer.