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information and reflection about Joseph Case High School

Volume 15, No. 8 *** November 30, 2018

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Homecoming 2018

More than 375 case students attendend our rescheduled Homecoming event this evening. Congratulations to the following seniors who were honored this evening, including the Homecoming Court: Alexa Reis and Noah Yost; Ava Chouinard and Peter Travis, Samantha Chaput and Zachary Barao; Chloe Bibeau and Antonio Luna.

The evening's highlight was the announcement of Homecoming Queen Abigail Beaudry and Homecoming King Devin Belisle.

Thanks to all the faculty and staff who helped Mr. Costa and me to chaperone the evening: Rebecca Hall, Melissa Crosson, Elizabeth Janson, Il Chy, Dustin DaPonte, Sarah Cookson, Heather Chace, and Jody Cordeiro.

Adams Scholarship qualifiers

Congratulations to the 33 Adams Scholarship qualifiers representing the Class of 2019 from Joseph Case High School. These students were recognized as a part of the 22nd annual Academic Awards Ceremony held this week.

The John and Abigail Adams Scholarship provides tuition waivers for up to eight semesters of undergraduate education at many Massachusetts state colleges or universities.

In order to be eligible for the schlarships, students must:

  • score at an Advanced performance level on one of the three high school state assessment tests in ELA, math or science; AND
  • score at the proficient level or higher on the remaining two high school state assessment tests; AND
  • have combined scores from the three tests that place them in the top 25 percent of students in the graduating class in their district.

Please join me in celebrating the following 2018 Adams scholars:

Henning Anderson

Kristin Anselmo

Andrew Baptista

Zachary Barao

Jillian Beaupre

Rylan Costa

Rachel Davidson

Cole Escobar

Jacob Estrela

Alisa Feilhauer

Christopher Ferreira

Kyle Furtado

Nicholas Gerling

Sydney Greenlee

Conner Higson

Courtney Jacobson

Nathanial Keighley

Cameron McCombs

Liam McKenzie

Madyson Medeiros

Cassandra Melker

Zachary Miranda

Ryan Nascimento

Annabelle Paiva

Emily Poitras

Lauren Resendes

Jeremy Rocha

Jennifer Rodrigues

Rebecca Rodrigues

Lillian Rodriguez-Tavares

Kathryne Soper

Jamie Travis

Nyah Young

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Academic Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to the following juniors who have been on the final honor roll for three consecutive years.

Henning Anderson

Kristin Anselmo

Andrew Baptista

Zachary Barao

Abigail Beaudry

Devin Belisle

Gabriella Bello

Samantha Chapu

Rylan Costa

Veronica Costa

Rachel Davidson

Jacob Estrela

Alisa Feilhauer

Christopher Ferreira

Kyle Furtado

Jonathan Gadry

Conner Higson

Courtney Jacobson

Nathanial Keighley

Liam McKenzie

Madyson Medeiros

Cassandra Melker

Zachary Miranda

Annabelle Paiva

Benjamin Podesky

Lauren Resendes

Jeremy Rocha

Jennifer Rodrigues

Rebecca Rodrigues

Kathryne Soper

Jamie Travis

Jenna Zhang

Bronze medals were distributed to the follwing student who have achieved two years on the final honor roll.

Amber Arruda

Mackenzie Arruda

Haley Barbosa

Kaylyn Beaupre

Drew Borden

Megan Borges

Victoria Camara

Ashley Carvalho

Samuel Chace

Christopher Costa II

Bradley Dellicker

Abigail Desmarais

Alexandria Dube

Tory Durand

Clayton Dyer

Aiden Emerson

Ariel Ferreira

Victoria Ferry

Ellen Fitzsimons

Sydney Hajder

Joshua Hockert-Lotz

Jared Koger

Shawn Koohy

Jasmine Lacerda

Nicholas Lannigan

Keagan Lecomte

Jessica Lima

Logan Martelly

Ryan Martin

Sophia Miranda

Haley Nelson

Shaili Ollerhead

Mackenzie Orten

Julia Pacheco

Hollie Paquette

Amara Paradiso

Andrea Rodriguez

Lillian Rodriguez-Tavares

Gina Rounds

Noah Santos

Lane Schecter

Daniel Silva

Alyssa Sousa

Cameron Sullivan

Brendan Thibault

Jenna Thibault

Dylan Thiboutot

Austin Wildnauer

Hannah Woods

Kyla Zorra

Certificates were awarded to the follwing students who have achieved one year on the final honor roll.

Kylie Abdow

Faith Afonso

Sydney Alves

Caleb Arruda

Tory Ashley

Lorelei Barcelos

Nicole Bassett

Jillian Beaupre

Brandon Bettencourt

Corine Boyer

Sydney Boyer

Riley Burgess

Mikayla Bushell

Colby Campos

Kaylee Cardoso

Zachary Carmello

Michael Cinquegrana

Stephen Conos

Haley Correia

Emma Costa

Kage Davis

Luke Escobar

Alexia Fontaine

Briana Freitas

McKayla Froment

Tyler Gaspar

Trey Godfrey

Sydney Goulet

Emily Graham

Dorian Grant

Juliana Heaton

Clarissa Howard

Alexander Janicki

Taylor Khoury

Daniel Lacy

Elizabeth LePage

Riley Machado

Natasha Malone

Brooklyn Martins

Mariah Medeiros

Brianna Michael

Keegan Moniz

Daniel Nguyen

Matthew Oliveira

Noah Pagliaroni

Benjamin Paquette

Sean Patota

Nathan Pedder

Emma Pinto

Tanya Ponte

Jared Rebello

Madison Reis

Sydney Resendes

Allison Ribeiro

Samantha Rigo

Cole Rocha

Zacary Silva

Emma Soares

Alyssa Storm

Brennan Thacker

Cameron Vasconcelos

Troy Ventura

Annie Zhang

Fall Athletic Assembly

Last night Case athletics and Friends of the Cardinals hosted another successful Fall Athletic Assembly. The evening began with our traditional pot luck supper in the cafeteria followed by our awards and recognition night in the auditorium. Congratulations to all fall Case student athletes and their coaches.
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CPR for seniors

Welcome to Year 5 of CPR at JCHS!

All seniors at Joseph Case High School will complete CPR training in conjunction with Swansea Ambulance Corps December 12-18 to fulfill our graduation requirement for CPR certification. Case was the first high school in Massachusetts to make CPR a graduation requirement. Senior students (as well as Child Care II juniors) will report to the band room instead of phys ed and directed study for the next five school days.

No Senior Privilege during these five days for CPR students ==> it will resume on December 19.

Case Theatre: The Dining Room

Join me next weekend for playwright A.R. Guerney's slices of American life through the lens of the most traditional room in your house, The Dinig Room. Directed by Neil Jeronimo, the production will be presented on December 7 and 8 at 7:30 p.m., and on Sunday, December 9 at 2 p.m. All seating is general admission and tickets will be sold during lunches next week and at the door.
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SPAC meeting

The Swansea Parents Advisory Council (SPAC) will meet on Tuesday, December 4 at Case Junior High, beginning at 5 p.m. The meeting includes a 6:30 p.m.workshop by State Mediator Matthew Flynn.

The Bureau of Special Education Appeals will present a two- hour workshop on Special Education Mediation and IEP Facilitation. This presentation covers how and when to request a mediation as well as how to prepare for and what to expect from mediation at the BSEA. During this presentation topics like mediation, facilitation, and the process will be discussed.

The workshop is free. Please register with SPAC ahead of time at

Yearbook News

As part of the 2019 Joseph Case High Yearbook, here are a few important announcements to make for December.

First, the yearbook is on sale right now! The going rate from now until December 31st is $70, which is $10 off of the anticipated final cost of the yearbook at the end of the year. We also offer other additional add-on features, such as autograph sections, protective jackets, etc. are extra.

Please use the link to connect right to the Jostens yearbook website. You can pay through the Jostens website with a credit card, Paypal, electronic check, and they also offer a payment plan. If you do not wish to use the Jostens website, please find the new order form below.

You can pay with a check made payable to Joseph Case High

School, or cash. All order forms and payments must be sent to:

Joseph Case High

c/o Jay Coulombe Room 242

70 School Street

Swansea, MA 02777

Secondly, right now we are also offering parent recognition advertisements. Please use the link to get right to the Jostens yearbook website.

The great thing about this advertisement feature is that you can personally design your child’s yearbook ad, which includes pictures, write up, fonts etc. You can pay with a check made payable to Joseph Case High School, or cash. Parent recognition advertisements are available through January 31, 2019.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact Jay Coulombe or Tommy Whalen, the yearbook advisers, at or

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Case High Cardinal Night

Here's a great opportunity for our Swansea Grade 8 parents as well as families in surrounding towns who might be interested in pursuing school choice options for their children.
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