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November 13, 2020

Dear Clinton Families,

I hope that this newsletter continues to find you well. On Wednesday, I had the honor of attending a virtual assembly with our Second Graders! Commissioner Carlos Pomares visited the students, shared information about his experiences, and answered many questions that the students asked! See the article below for more information. Mrs. Abdelrohman students are studying journalism and interviewed Mrs. Connors & Mrs. Correa for a project! We have had a very busy and fun week at Clinton! Please stay well.

Until we all return to the physical building, we remain #Clintonstrong2020!

Fondly, Jennifer Connors, Principal & Zoila Correa, Assistant Principal

Virtual Assembly with Commissioner Carlos Pomares

Clinton’s Second Grade was so excited to have a virtual assembly on Wednesday. The students have been studying leadership and activism. They have identified roles and responsibilities in the community and developed questions and definitions to discuss the characteristics and actions of those leaders within the community. They came up with some great questions and came prepared to ask Commissioner Carlos Pomares about his role as District 5 Essex County Freeholder/ Commissioner.

The teachers were so proud of their hard work in coming up with great questions, as well as, their focus on what Commissioner Pomares had to say. The children questioned his role and responsibilities for the county, and how the county budgeted money for daily use and emergency situations, such as Covid-19. The students also asked about his activism while serving - such as recycling, food distribution, greenway space and charities. They also learned that he holds other jobs outside of being a commissioner; Mr. Pomares teaches as an adjunct professor at William Patterson and Hudson County Community College and is an advocate for the arts, as Director of the Cuban Artists Fund in New York .

Finally, as an activist, Commissioner Pomares answered questions about his role as a strong advocate for arts & culture and historic preservation, as well as, how parks, hikes and trails are being developed in Essex County. He also spoke of his road to America. As the third of three children born to Cuban immigrants, Commissioner Pomares and his family were forced to leave Cuba in 1970, and 50 years later to the DAY he was on the election ballot to be a public servant to Essex County.

Overall, Clinton’s second grade students were eager to learn about Commissioner Pomares’ different roles in society and gathered more information on the importance of our local community leaders. Perhaps one day, they can be the ones to tell future generations about their roles in making a difference in the community, as the message they received from Commissioner Pomares was that no matter how big or small, their efforts towards change can go a long way!

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