Executive Search Firms In India

5 Things You Should Look While Choosing Executive Search Firms

For any firm the process of talent searching is a critical process that may eventually determine overall success potential of the company. Executive search firms play an important role in tipping the scales of success in favor of the organization. Whether you are looking for top level RPO solutions, staffing agency or a retained Executive Search firm there are vital steps to follow to ensure you pick the right search firm.

Helping companies to pick the right Executive Search firm in India

1. Look for a company offering RPO solutions in your industry

The first step is to identify a company that specializes in your particular business niche or industry. The Executive Search firm should have a fine reputation of filling positions relevant to your company needs. For example Coreintegra from India is a reputed Executive Search firm in India, catering to myriad industries and work competencies. The company has a proven and strong track record of talent scouting for top target companies in any industry. Coreintegra ranks high in terms of geographical and talent outreach in India as a company offering a homogenous partner network throughout tier II and tier III cities as well.

2. Establish trustworthiness

Trust is a very important element when recruiting Executive search partners. For generations the retained search industry has been based on relationships. However, with the focus shifting towards corporate search needs, establishing trustworthiness also has evolved from the traditions of depending on golf, tennis buddy partnerships. When you place your trust with an Executive search firm of Coreintergra caliber you are ensured of receiving a service that will demonstrate capabilities not just in word but in action as well. To recognize true value followers among Executive search firms in India you can narrow your list of companies willing to share candidate information and have eliminated fees with conflict of interest.

3. Transparency in all processes

Data availability and willingness to reveal candidate research is an indication of an Executive Search firm with transparency values. A large number of traditional talent search firms refuse to disclose this data. Without this information, you do not know which steps have been taken and who have been approached on your behalf by the RPO firm. Contrary to what many companies claim this information should be relayed to the client and it is not a breach of confidential information.

4. Don’t hesitate to ask pertinent questions

Since talent recruitment is a critical process in uplifting performance you should not hesitate in seeking answers to vital questions. Find out if the RPO solutions offered are charged at a flat fee or percentage fee. Know which competitors of yours are already in the Executive search firm’s client list and if you can avail any candidate research information and contact details of persons contacted.

5. What is the competitive advantage you will be gaining

Finding out what you will be getting over and above your competition for the money you pay determines the competitive advantage you will gain from a particular Executive search firm. If you take a close look at the Coreintergra business model you are sure to notice that the company has unique offerings and high value propositions. The company offers tailor made solutions to give you the upper hand over your competition.

Coreintegra provides a proven, time saving and technology driven service connecting your company with target executive search processes.

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