The Attack on the Pentagon on 9/11

Hope Lessner


Terrorists hijacked American Airlines flight 77 and flew it into west side of the Pentagon to attack our military and kill Americans. When people talk about the jetliner flying around the Pentagon, most of them said, " it was low enough for my heart to stop."


The plane was originally headed for Los Angeles. The jet crashed between corridors 4 and 5, blasting the first and second floors of ring E and D. The plane flew low over the Columbia Pike which is one of the main roads that leads to the Pentagon. The plane crashed shortly after.


The year was 2001, and the day the plane crashed was September 11th. Opened in September 2002 after Pentagon repairs were completed, the America's Heroes Memorial and chapel are located where American Airlines flight 77 crashed into the building.


Al- Qaeda terrorists hijacked four civilian jetliners and launched an assault that was coordinated at United States targets. The perpetrators of the terrible act claim to be Muslim. The people that claimed to be aware of the operation are Bin Laden, Khalid Seikh Mohammed, Ramzi, Abu, and Mohammed Atef.


In sum by attacking symbolic targets in America, causing a big amount of damage to the American and international economy, the architects and perpetrators of this horror achieved their media- centered objectives. The Muslims wanted to kill many Americans and destroy a very important part of America and they did so.