Should all Americans have right to basic healthcare?

Basic healthcare.

Its an issue because not everybody has health insurance and people who dont pay taxes are taking free rights who do pay taxes ex: people who dont have health insurance are takin free rights from people who do pay taxes out of their income.

Barack Obama

President Obama believes that qulity,affordable health insurance you can rely on is a key part of the middle part of the middle-class security. By putting a stop to insuirance abuses, Obamacare is giving millions of americans peace of mind.


Our health care system is blessed with many extordinary strenghts. It produces and attracts the best and the brightest across the fields of medicine,and provides unparalleled innovations,choice,and quality of care. But it also faces signifacent challenges high cost,inconsistency, and tens of millions of Americans lacking insurance coverage. We can fix these problems.