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MRS 2013 Annual Conference: Shock of the New

Best Workshop Award

Jen Del Carlo, DVL Smith Director, and Catherine Starkey, SAB Miller’s Head of Insight Capability, won the Best Workshop Award at the 2013 MRS Annual Conference: Shock of the New. This award is judged on the interactivity, practicality, originality and management of the workshop.

The Devil is in the detail

The Devil is in the detail workshop was well attended by both agency and client-side practitioners alike, who each had the opportunity to roll-up their sleeves and experience first-hand the perils of poor quality market research inputs and outputs. The importance of solid market research in supporting accurate business decision making was well received, with close to 90% of attendees indicating they will be at a minimum refreshing their own and their teams’ skills post the workshop.

Jen commented, “Catherine and I really enjoyed our session – watching participants engage with the materials and share their own unfortunate experiences with bad data and presentations. What was particularly interesting was seeing the errors that some people saw and others initially didn’t. Staying vigilant when it comes to market research is clearly critical if we, as insight professionals want to deliver outstanding market research to support successful decision making.''

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