Keeping Up with Klager

Week of April 25, 2016

MCSF Celebrity Server

Celebrity Server Night has been a tradition for Manchester Staff for over 15 years. Celebrities, aka Manchester Community Schools staff, don our (MCSF) fancy black aprons and bring water, take orders, deliver food, make ice cream cones, and bill the customers for one great night. All of the gratuities/tips go to the Foundation. This money is then put back into the classroom through mini-grants and special projects. May 4th will be the annual Celebrity Server Night for the Manchester Community School Foundation. Please join us for the fun and fundraising for the events that are sponsored by the Manchester Community School Foundation.

MCSF brings Scholastic News K-8; Pig Dissection; Read Well; After Prom Pass Through; Action Based Learning Supplies; Alternative Seat-standing desks; PE equipment; a mini greenhouse; Fine Motor Fun; a Turn It In trial; Guitars; mock elections; and much more to each building of Manchester Community Schools.

They host events two times a year-Celebrity Server (May) and Trivia Nights February and October). They want you to know that they very much appreciate those who support and request.

You can find their webpage and flyer at:

TEAM Graduation

On April 14th, the fourth-graders celebrated the completion of the TEAM program. The program is taught by Officer Jessica Wion from the Sheriff's Department. TEAM stands for Teaching, Educating, and Mentoring, and emphasizes student safety. The students worked through eleven lessons that culminated with a wonderful graduation ceremony. Each student writes and an essay explaining their experience with the lessons. The essays are shared with the representatives from the Sheriff's office. They choose two essays from each class. these students represent their class at the Civic Club meeting and during the TEAM graduation.

You can see photos and an article in the Manchester Mirror's paper this week.

Walk to School award

Math and Science Night

Kathy Benedict, the Math and Science Night coordinator,reports that we had 410 people sign in for Math and Science Night. This includes presenters, moms, dads, 2-year-olds, Grandmas, and Papas, Klager Kids, Middle School stars, and community members. Mrs. Birgy and Mrs. Haeussler, the check-in volunteers, made sure everyone was accounted for and ready for an evening of math and science. The building was filled with people commenting on the Passion Projects and the Science Fair displays. Everyone, except loved the tortoise that ate lettuce leaves from the floor (and the snakes, skinks, and birds). Mrs. VanBogelen and her team made 144 stress relief balls from diapers, and the Astrophotographer showed the amazing photos of space taken just miles from Klager. Robi the Robot entertained everyone in the Music room while the C02 dragsters raced in the gym. The Science Olympiad groups shared their astronomy and electric circuits. The Therapaws dogs calmed the community with their outstanding soft fur while the Lego display made us all want to build. The Community Garden volunteer helped us plant White Pine saplings and plant seeds. SRSLY volunteers shared the diseased and clean lungs of a pig and how to dispose of unused medication. We ended the evening with 6 great rocket launches. The last one went so high that it landed in Chi Broil Park. The PTO Book Fair Fiesta was Fabuloso!. They had sold $3.300 in books before Math and Science Night even started. Our student photographers snagged millions of great photos of the event and had fun wearing their official press passes. Our community really knows how to make a Friday night special!

Check out the Manchester Mirror photo gallery:

The Manchester MIrror

The Manchester Mirror is now out in paper form. Klager Elementary was well represented this last week.

Leadership Launch

We were so excited to welcome 48 families to Klager elementary. Each family was given a list of rooms to experience. Each room was staffed by an adult or student leader who explained what happens during our school day. Each family ended their tour in the cafeteria where most picked up their registration packets, and turn in their completed packet. The tour started in the office where Claire Marsh and Alicia Farmer let the students explore behind the desk and the principal's office. Most moved to the media center where Charlene Mangi and then Ethan Villarreal passed out a magnet and listened to the families ooh and awe over the wonderful selection of books. the art room was the next stop, where Mrs. Resh and Miranda Austin charmed the students with CD art and a chance to sit on the fun art stools. Families moved to the computer lab and meet with Miss Yekulis and filled out a survey about early literacy. Carly Billiter showed families the Before and After Care classroom and Mrs. Mackenzie passed out several registration packets for the MECC Care program. Before leaving the lobby each child had a picture taken by the Future Flying Dutchmen sign. Let's hope I can remember to get those pictures out at the 2029 graduation ceremony. Everyone headed to the 200 hallway at 4:30; 5:25; 6:00 and 6:45 for the big yellow bus ride. Mrs. Charney and Ricky Villarreal shared their crayons and had a super conversation while everyone waited for a spin on the bus. As people headed back to the kindergarten hallway, they stopped to see the music room with Mr. Schneondorff, and then to the Gym where Savannah Radcliff let everyone enjoy the big, big PE space. Miss Girbach and Mrs. Birgy shared the kindergarten rooms and gave each Future Flying Dutchmen a gold balloon. Rockin Rosie was circulating the hallways and every child had a different reaction to the sweet PTO puppy. The best part was that Rosie got shorter and shorter all night. Maybe due to the rotation of Girl Scouts who offered to be Rosie, the highlight of their night. Kathy O'Mara was able to talk to most families about the walk/bike to school offerings. Once the families made it to the cafeteria they found Phoebe Huddleston filing the cookies and pizza trays. Jeff Knasiak and Laurie Farmer, from Transportation, were there with their maps and food service had a lovely display. Safety Town and Community Education were represented by Beckie Brewis and Kelly Blaine manned the Manchester Community Foundation table. We rounded the evening with Courtney McLennan and Katie Marsh making copies and answering questions for our new families. They shared that the rregistration packets are due by May 20th.

Calendar of Upcoming Greatness

    • 4.26.16-Fourth grade field trip to Michigan Historical Museum
    • 4.29.16-Mid Terms go home

    • Week of 5.2.16-Staff Appreciation Week
    • 5.3-5.5-3rd grade MSTEP
    • 5.3.16-CELEBRITY SERVER night at Franks and the DQ
    • 5.6.16-First grade field trip to Howell Nature Center
    • 5.6.16-Grandparent's Day-Second Grade

    • 5.9-5.13-3rd-grade MSTEP makeups
    • 5.13.16-Movie Night-Ocean
    • 5.13.16-Middle School Fun Night-4th grade invited 5:00pm

    • 5.16.16-Kindergarten Leadership Workshop
    • 5.17-5.19-4th grade MSTEP

    • 5.23.16-Leadership Workshop
    • 5.24.16-PTO meeting
    • 5.26.16-Preschool will visit Klager at 9:30 am and 1:00 pm
    • 5.26.16-Parent meeting 4th grade Reproductive Health

    • 5.30.16-No School-Memorial Day
    • 6.2.16-Tentative Date for Kids Against Hunger packaging.
    • 6.2.16-Lions Vison Screening


Klager teachers and students are gearing up for the third and fourth-grade MSTEP assessment. Our third-grade students will take the math and reading MSTEP May 3rd-5th and the fourth grade will take math, reading, and science from May 17th -19th.

Community Education Offerrings

Check out what is new with Community Education.

High School Band Visit

Leadership Workshop

Safet drill reviews and crayon drive

Klager movie night/pinewood derby

Soccer Camp Flyer



Fourth-Grade visits The Michigan History Muesum

April 26th our fourth-grade students experienced the Michigan History Museum in Lansing. This museum was one of Governer Swainson's legacy projects. If you look close you will find a photo of young sweet Tina Way, Governor Swainson's daughter, one of our substitutes hanging on the walls of the museum.

The museum chronicles the history of Michigan, shared through the stories of several docents.

We always recommend returning to the museum with your family. It makes a lovely day trip and it is packed with details about the great state of Michigan.