Fifth Grade News

Mrs. Gehring's Class

This Week

This week in ELA students focused on the skills of inference. We learned about how an inference is taking something you know to prove something you don't know. It's kind of like drawing conclusions with evidence from the text. In grammar we learned how to combine sentences with semi-colons and how they are different than commas. We also talked about how to punctuate dialogue with quotation marks, and where punctuation goes with our quotes. Our root of the week was "photo" meaning light and we focused on more prefixes that mean "not."

In math we are continuing our multiplication unit. We worked on exponents and how to use expanded and exponential form with powers of ten. We also worked on how to break up problems using the distributive property. Finally we learned the three ways to multiply. Area model, partial products, and standard algorithm. Our parents probably only learned standard algorithm, so the other methods may seem weird to them. Good thing we have our notebooks as a resource! is a great resource for short tutorial videos if we forget.

In science students have begun learning about Matter. We did an experiment to see the conservation of matter. We found the mass of an ice cube and weighed it again as a liquid to see how the mass may have changed. We worked on forming a hypothesis, making a plan, and analyzing our results.

In social studies the students are learning about the Native American Mound building. We are doing research on it to learn more about it.

We are really enjoying our novel Fish in a Tree. The students are learning a lot about the important of a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset. We also found out that it is a 2017 Rebecca Caudill nominee! We also saw some trailers for a few other Caudill books and even have some in our classroom library.

Skills to Practice

Inferring! Some of us are still struggling with making inferences and citing the evidence in the story or film that let them come to that conclusion.

IXL math would be a great tool to work on inferencing, summarizing, commas, and multiplication skills. These are all things we have been introduced to already but need extra practice on. Encourage your students to practice their math facts through xtramath. This will benefit them tremendously as we get to more complex math work.

Bored? Use the typing club app on your chromebook!

Snapshots of the Week

Important Information

Lunch Orders went home today!

Upcoming Events

9-21 - Eat out at Dairy Queen and Emmons gets a percent of the profit!

9-28- Spirit Assembly (wear your Emmons shirt!)